Glass Bubbler (Fury Edge/Rogue)

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This is a glass bubbler attachment for the Fury Edge or Rogue vaporizer. 


1 x Glass bubbler attachment

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Jordan K
Must have attachment

I've been prescribed flower and as a non smoker this attachment is great to cool each hit down. When cleaning it I use 99% alcohol, fully submerged, weekly but it takes a day to fully evaporate unless you heat the pipe eg hair dryer)

A must buy in my opinion.

Definitely Smoother

I’m fairly pleased with the bubbler even tho it doesn’t have instructions but it was easy to figure out. It definitely makes a difference in taking away that heat you get when using higher temps therefore smoother. You do get a little water when inhaling at first but that’s no issue. But definitely do not use tap water! As the chlorine tears your throat apart use filtered water only.

Good for novice smokers

I’m writing this while stoned! I love this thing. It’s so nice for someone who doesn’t normally like to smoke. I use this with the capsules which makes it easier to clean. I swish it around in a ziploc bag with some isopropyl alcohol and salt, rinse it thoroughly, and it’s good to go.

Terry Green
Perfect add on to my rogue.

This attachment makes the unit sooo much better. Cooler smoother hits. I love it.

Joshua Valadez
Bubbler Review, used on a utillian 620

The bubbler attachment is great, works extremely well and provides the smooth clean hits. Allows longer hits and even longer use over your flower in my opinion. Only concern is cleaning but it's still very much possible with alc and salt, just recommend to clean so every one or two sessions. Overall, a very practical buy and definitely worth it.

Theresa Hall
Glass Bubbler for my Utillian

ah!!!!! no more harsh draws - just smooth and tasty
very fast shipping - great!!!

Ant Dolphun

This bubbler accessory cools the vapor completely, highly recommend!

Alethea Alexander
Works great, hassle to clean!

Love how it filters the smoke however it can get a bit messy on the inside after some time and makes it clogged up and hard to pull. Gotta clean it at least 1-2 times a week to prevent this buildup. I’ve been using alcohol which seems to do the trick! No doubts however, must buy for sure!!


Well worth the purchase. Shipped quickly and works great. No where near as stealthy as the stock kit but if that’s not an issue then it’s a great piece.

Thirty-Something Woman
Very Neat Add On

I was really excited to see this accessory. It does a great job at cooling things off at higher temperatures and is very novel. It doesn't travel well though, so it's an at-home experience. Unclear as to how to get all the water out afterwards, I've resorted to blowing air though the bottom but it doesn't get it completely dry. It is not a necessary purchase for the Rouge, but it is a fun add on to have.


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