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Storz and Bickel have returned with upgrades to their incredible portable vaporizer. This Mighty+ essentially fills any gaps the previous Mighty unit left as a fan favorite handless device. With the new improvements, it’s looking like Storz & Bickel have cemented their place at the top of most best portable vaporizer lists.


Mighty+ vaporizer

World Class Vapor Quality

Carrying the standard of having the best vapor quality on the market, this new Mighty+ ups the ante with an improved ceramic chamber, making this unit more robust on top of delivering their patented quality user experience.

The improved Mighty Plus uses the same conduction & convection hybrid type heating extracting the herb efficiently, leaving it consistently brown throughout and spent. Not to mention the flavor is non-peril to anything else on the market. Consumers are bound to get a kick out of this faster upgraded unit.

Mighty + Build Quality

Robust Build Quality

Storz & Bickel is well known for their thorough German engineering when it comes to their entire product line - everything is built with care, and this shows in the integrity by how they listen to their consumers. Whilst the exterior design for the Mighty+ hasn’t changed much, under the hood there much more making this unit faster than before.

Almost everything that has been updated were pretty connected to the little to no flaws the original Mighty had. Discreet fins have also been added on the bottom of the unit so it can stand upright on flat surfaces!

Mighty + Superbooster

Superbooster Temperature Setting

Unlike the Mighty, the Mighty+ improves in one area many consumers thought lacked – the heat-up time. This new device gets up to temperature in approx. 60 seconds and the provides the same even extraction of your herb during your session.

A new pre-set temperature “The Superbooster” has also been added to this Mighty +. Users can now get an additional 27°F (15°C) temperature boost which is ideal at the end of the session making the Mighty even more efficient than before.

Mighty + Ceramic bowl

Upgraded Ceramic Chamber

The filling chamber for the Mighty+ still fits about 0.3g of herb and is now ceramic coated making with more durable and resistant to everyday wear & tear. The high-quality plastic also helps keep the device at reasonable temperatures that feel comfortable in the hands to make the user experience more enjoyable.

The bowl in the Mighty+ is also compatible with capsules for micro dosing usage and the design is kept the same to ensure the same easy maintenance and clean up!

Mighty + vaporizer charging

Accelerated Recharging

With the Mighty+ USB-C Supercharge upgrade, it now only takes 40 mins to recharge battery levels to 80% so less than 70 mins for a full charge as opposed to 90+ mins. Having the added benefit of being able to charge your Mighty+ anywhere with a USB cable and get that fast-charging ability give this unit more of an edge against the competition.

Using the right power supply, you can also still use the Mighty+ while charging. Pass-through charging allows usage without worrying about the battery.

Mighty+ (Plus) Specifications

Manufacturer Storz & Bickel
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 60 Seconds
Compatibility Herbs
Battery Life ≈90 minutes (Depending on temp)
Heat Style Convection + conduction
Warranty 2 years w/ Storz & Bickel
Temperature 104°F-410°F
Dimensions 5.5 in x 3.1 in x 1.2 in
Weight 8.5oz
Powered By Battery
In The Box 1 x Mighty+ Vaporizer
1 x USB-C Cable 
3 x Normal Screen, Small
3 x Coarse Screen, Small 
3 x Base Seal Ring, Small
1 x Dosing Capsule
1 x Cleaning Brush 
1 x Instructions Manual 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Placed an order over the Xmas/new year holidays. Still received my order quickly after the holidays. Great communication and package tracking and awesome customer support with prompt professional replies. Great Aussie business. Highly recommended. If I could make a tiny request, it would be carry a larger, newer inventory. But that's part of loving n Australia with the current supply chain issues....


After 5 years of using a variety of vaporizers with good success- until I purchased the Mighty Plus. Then I realized just what a great vaporizer can do.
The most important thing a vaporizer does is deliver excellent vapour. The Mighty Plus left all other vaporizers in the dust delivering a cool full draw with the punch of smoking a bong.
Next is power up time. 60 seconds and you are ready to go. Superb. Nothing I’ve ever used compares with 60 seconds.
The Mighty Plus is very user friendly. Amazing design, this vaporizer ticks all the right boxes including quick fill time with or without the dosing capsules.
It is bulkier than other vaporizers but with multiple dosing capsules at the ready, using it outside the house is a breeze.
Last is battery life. As a heavy user battery life is important to me so I was pleased with up to 90 minutes of life.
Overall a most excellent device. I would recommend this to everyone- it’s well worth the money.

Best vaporiser on the market

Tried a lot of vaporisers including the Firefly 2. Mighty is on different level. Very happy with the purchase.

Very good

Too goo, I got fired


The Mighty+ is great. The vapor is so smooth, the overall experience is so much better than smoking. I'll be recommending the Mighty+ to everyone.

Ross Bouchard

Own Firedly 2, DaVinci IQ2, DaVinci Micro and Hopper pen. The Mighty + is far superior to everything else.

Treat yourself

I can't believe I had been smoking that whole time before I got the Mighty+ This truly let's you unlock the most from your herb. The vapor quality is so smooth and the overall experience is so pleasant. I'll be highly recommending these to everyone.

The 5 star vaping experience

I was introduced to the mighty by a friend and then purchased the mighty+. The quality of this product is quite high. The vapour is so smooth and cool. You never feel hot vapour even after long use. I highly recommend this product for your vaping experience. Consider buying the Mighty stand it will help alot.

Mighty lover

I had my original Mighty since 2016 I believe! Have loved it but wanted an upgrade and got the Mighty+. Love everything about it. Love that it can stand on its own. Love the USB-C charging. Love the fast charging. Love the battery life.

It's expensive but a winner in my books.


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