Arizer Air Vaporizer

Brand: Arizer

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Product Features

  • Compact, pocket-friendly size at only 122mm in height and 29mm in diameter
  • High quality heating chamber and glass draw path deliver impeccable flavour
  • Customize your sessions with 5 temperatures to choose from
  • Quick heat up in only 1-2 minutes
  • Replaceable batteries with each one lasting around an hour of use
  • Can be used while charging 
  • Canadian made
Arizer Authorized Distributor

The Arizer Air is the follow up to one of the most popular vaporizers in the world; the Arizer Solo. Arizer is known for making high quality vaporizers for a reasonable price and this is their first pocket-friendly product.. Which is very exciting. It has a compact design which allows you to throw it in your pocket or bag unlike Arizer's previous vaporizers. 

Exceptional Flavour

Although it's packed in to a small size it definitely does not skimp on vapor quality - the Air has a high quality ceramic heating chamber and all glass air path. Unlike some vaporizers that use plastic parts you won't get any harsh aftertaste with the Arizer Air, just pure vapor. It also heats up quickly going from herb to vapor in around a minute. 

Adjustable Temperature

Having the ability to choose your temperature is a luxury for small portable vaporizers and Arizer gives you just that with the Air. There are 5 different settings ranging from 180°C to 210°C giving you the ability to adjust the density of the vapor and length of your session.

Replaceable Battery

Another unique feature of the Air is the ability to replace batteries on the go. Each battery lasts approximately an hour of use each but you can throw extras in your pocket for longer trips away from home.

Compact Design

I know, I know we've mentioned that the Air is small but it deserves to be mentioned again. The Solo is a near-perfect vaporizer other than the fact that could be more compact. The Air changes this by cramming everything that was good about the Solo in to a small little package. Bigger doesn't have to mean better when it comes to vaporizers.

  • Shipping Dimensions: 8.75in x 6in x 2.75in
  • Shipping Weight: 13.7oz
  • Vaporizer Dimensions 
    • With mouthpiece: 6.875in x 1.0625in
    • Without mouthpiece: 4.8125in x 1.0625in
  • Vaporizer Weight
    • With mouthpiece: 4.4oz
    • Without mouthpiece: 4.1oz

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