DynaVap Omni (2021) Vaporizer

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The Omni is DynaVap's top-of-the-line vaporizer that performs as well as it looks. If you're looking for a higher end torch vaporizer, the DynaVap Omni is it.

DynaVap Omni Description

DynaVap has been consistently setting the bar for low-tech vaporizers that deliver incredible vapor. It's impressive how well the Omni functions for a vaporizer without a battery.

Fast Torch Heating

Like other DynaVap products the Omni has no electrical components or battery. You heat it with a butane torch until you hear a "click" from the Captive Cap. Once you hear it, you're ready to go! The Omni heats up very fast in around 5 seconds. While it takes a few tries to use properly, you'll pick it up pretty quick.

We also recommend checking out DynaVap's induction heaters like the Apollo 2. Paired with the Omni, you will have one of the best vaporizing experiences possible. The flavor and consistency are outstanding.


It's simple to adjust the bowl to suit your needs. If you want a bigger bowl just leave it as-is. If you'd like to microdose you can cut the size of the bowl in half. We think that the DynaVap Omni and other DynaVap products are the best way to microdose your dry herb. They do a fantastic and efficient job at vaporizing smaller amounts which other vaporizers can't do.

Custom Airflow

Despite its slender and easily concealable design, the DynaVap Omni allows for easy and smooth airflow control. There’s no need to risk touching the warm end of the Omni, however, as a simple twist of this vaporizer’s mouthpiece will open or restrict your airflow as much as is required. Resulting in  a slight cooling or heating of your vapor, as well as changes in the depth of flavor, based on preference.

Practically Indestructible

The Omni is made of titanium and is as close as a vaporizer will get to being indestructible. While we call other vaporizers "pocket friendly", the DynaVap Omni is the definition of that. Toss it in your pocket, in a bag, or anywhere else without worrying. You can probably toss it at the wall and nothing will happen (warning: we do not recommend tossing your Omni at the wall).

Omni Specifications

Manufacturer DynaVap
Vaporizer Type Pen vaporizer
Heat Up Time Around 10 seconds
Compatibility Herbs
Heat Style Conduction
Warranty No warranty
Powered By Butane torch
In The Box 1 x DynaVap Omni
1 x Recyclable Packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Fantastic little vaporiser, great for small doses throughout the day, tasty terps all round


Nice vaporiser, easy to use, easy to wash and maintain.


The best on-the-go vape solution I've ever used. It takes a few heatings to get used to the process, then you can easily control your vape experience — from slow and tasty to quick big clouds. Honestly, it works better than most herb e-vapes; and you never have to charge a battery! The only qualm is the amount of butane you'll use up heading the Vap with a double or triple-torch lighter; I purchased thick hemp wick and now enjoy "roasting" my VapCap like a marshmallow. Frickin' delicious hits that way.

it's overrated

omg guys almost 300aud ? rlly ? this product cost 90aud in melbourne vape stores wtf.


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