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The Mighty is the bigger brother to the Crafty+ vaporizer and they're both manufactured by Storz & Bickel; the company renowned for the Volcano. It's one of the sturdiest portable vaporizers you can buy and hits harder than most desktop units. Ever since the Mighty was released, it's been on the top of everyone's portable vaporizer list.


Mighty vaporizer

Out Of This World Vapor

It has outstanding performance, perhaps the best of any portable vaporizer on the market. The smoothness and quality of the vapor is a treat and gives an enhanced flavor over cheaper products.

The Mighty uses both conduction and convection heating to produce a dense vapor without the need to stir. The herb you get out of the chamber after use is always evenly nice and brown. It's consistency is what sets it apart from the pack. It produces a lot of vapor without a lot of effort.

Mighty vaporizer in hand

Top-Notch Build Quality

Just like the Volcano and Plenty, the Mighty has a superb build that feels very durable. There is plastic grating around the unit which allows the vaporizer to stay cool while in use. You can tell that Storz & Bickel put a lot of effort in the development of this product.

While larger than most portable vaporizers, it feels great in your hand. We wouldn't exactly call it pocketable but you'll have no problem putting your Mighty in your bag or backpack. Way to go German engineers - you've done it again!

Mighty vaporizer controls

Easy To Use LED Screen

There are no real tricks to the Mighty - just toss in some herb, wait for it to heat up and use it! Other portable vaporizers have a steep learning curve but that's not the case here.

While there is an app that you can use (if you're Android), it's not necessary due to the LED screen. Why bother fiddling around with a phone? It couldn't be easier to see what your battery life is and what temperature the device is at.

Mighty vaporizer bowl

Big Bowl For Big Sessions

The Mighty's bowl allows for about 0.3g of herb, which is a nice size if you just want to hang out for a bit with a single bowl. Due to the convection heating, you don't need to completely fill the bowl if you don't want to - smaller amounts generally work well too.

Once you're done just clean out the bowl to keep up the maintenance. There is a poking tool included right on the vaporizer so it's easy to get all of the herb out. The bowl is also compatible with capsules to keep everything tidy (one is included too).

Mighty vaporizer charging

Battery That Keeps Going

One of the best things is the battery life. Other vaporizers have a hard time lasting 20 minutes... The Mighty lasts up to 90 minutes in use (depending on temperature used). That's a long time for a portable vaporizer! We sell the latest version which includes the new battery that is 20% bigger than the original.

To top it all off, the Mighty has pass-through charging. This means you can use the vaporizer even if it's completely drained of batteries. Just plug it in to the wall and off you go!

Mighty Specifications

Manufacturer Storz & Bickel
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 2 minutes
Battery Life 50-90 minutes (depending on temp)
Heat Style Convection + conduction
Warranty 2 years w/ Storz & Bickel
Temperature 104° F - 410° F
Dimensions 5.5 in x 3.1 in x 1.2 in
Weight 8 oz
Powered By Battery
In The Box 1 x Mighty Vaporizer
1 x Power Adapter
3 x Spare Screens
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Aromatic Blend Mill
1 x Filling Aid
1 x Set of Spare Seal Rings
1 x Instructions for Use

Customer Reviews

Based on 341 reviews
Mighty by name mighty smooth

Yes it’s a top quality herb vaporiser
Very smooth. Easy to use with nice temperature adjustment. Love the neat little canisters to pack herb into


The Mighty is my first ever vape and I am very impressed. It pulls nicely with big plumes and is very effective :)

Nice Vaporizer...but!

While the Mighty Vaporizer seems to work quite well, I was disappointed the there was no adaptor to plug the charger into the wall that would enable me to charge the Mighty. When I first emailed Vaped.com they argued with me that there was a means to plug it in. So then I had to email pictures of the contents list in the box and pictures of the charger itself that clearly showed that there was no means to plug the charger in. I was then told they were sending the adapter to me by mail. I have yet to receive the adapter. So with that being said, I cannot give more stars.

Dean Bridwell
Best portable unit!!

After many other vaporizers I broke down and got the Mighty and let me tell you it’s Mighty alright. I have never got a big hit off other vaps but the Mighty will rip your head off if your not careful. The only other portable I’ll buy is another Mighty so I can have one too, the first one was for my wife. Love this thing!!!

Seb Rob
A great unit

Very happy with my purchase. It's a great solid unit and works so well. Fast delivery. Awesome for kicking the tabacco away and keeping it smooth and clean. Would highly recommend. Thank you


I bought this as a gift. He's very happy with it.

Jordan Hubscher
Excellent Vape

Definitely worth the money and I recommend buying the plastic stand and the extra dosing capsules. The cleaning process is quite straightforward and using it is even easier. Make sure to pack the herb in the dosing capsule VERY tightly for longer sessions. Set the temperature to 170 Celsius minimum and move up from there. An absolute blast.

Great Vape

Great Vape! It pulls very easy from first to last hit. I had a Pax 3 and this is far superior as it pulls easier and does not heat up.

Dave Barnes
Best herbal vape hands down

The mighty is so good I bought two. After a year with my first i bought a second one.
They are bulky, still portable but really only if you have a bag with you bit it gives you all the vaping power with none of the compromise.

Gary Diletzoy



Ask a Question
  • How do I clean my Mighty vaporizer?

    After every use make sure you brush out any material from the chamber with the cleaning brush. It's not recommended to keep anything in there when you're not using it. Every so often you should clean the cooling unit and mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol (not acetone!). There are instructions which come with the unit that explain how to disassemble the pieces. After you've soaked them for an hour or so, just rinse them with water and you should be ready to go.

  • How do you use the Mighty?

    When you first get the Mighty plug it in to the wall and switch on the unit. Turn it on the highest setting and let it burn off for 15-20 minutes before using it. That should clear it of anything left over from the manufacturing processes. Once you've done a burn off it's super easy to get going. Just turn on the Mighty with the power button on the side, fill up the chamber with your preferred botanical and then set your temperature with the plus/minus sign on the side of the vaporizing unit. The digital display will tell you what the temperature is and will tell you when it's time to start vaping.