Focusvape Vaporizer

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Focusvape is a great pen style dry herb vaporizer from iFocus Technology.

The Focusvape comes with the following in the box:

1 x Focusvape vaporizer
1 x 2500 mAh high-drain Battery
1 x Wall charger
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x Additional Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
3 x Additional Screen Filters
1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Worked about a week and then stopped working completely

Not happy at all after receiving my focus about a week after it just stopped working and it’s been about a week after now so total two weeks it’s still not working I’ve tried everything changing the batteries getting online and trying to get information on why it’s shut off completely I didn’t overheat it and if I did there should be a safety on it so it won’t happen or shut down automatically and restart , if Vape could help me on this subject matter I would truly truly appreciate it because I loved dealing with you guys up until this point although I have not bothered yet to contact anybody of your management team so I can’t say in all fairness I tried you guys directly yet until now !!!
Could you please sacrifice some of your time to send me a new unit or just help me with trying to restart my existing unit I really don’t care about the money issue I just want mine to work as per your advertised page and manual sent to me with my unit thank you so much I appreciate it hope to hear from you soon

Awesome vapor

Very happy with product and shopped fast

Good Vaporizer.

The FocusVape Vaporizer has a nice weight, and feel in the hand thanks to silica gel surface. I also have a FocusVape Adventurer but, I prefer the weight and feel of the FocusVape Vaporizer. I purchased the FocusVape Vaporizer along with the FocusVape Glass Bong Adapter to use with my bongs, however, the FocusVape Glass Bong Adapter does not fit well; it wobbles in the bong. I suggest purchasing the stainless steel FocusVape Water Pipe Adapter if you intend to use the FocusVape Vaporizer with a bong.

Going strong after 3 years

Had to YouTube research cleaning and maintenance as the ceramic filter gets clogged. Soaking in Regular iso alcohol overnight then rinsing off does the trick, other parts can also be cleaned with iso and paper towel or q-tips (do not use alcohol in the heating chamber). TIP: buy an extra battery. The USB cable never made good contact and would flicker on and off so I have always used the battery charging cradle. It takes a long time to charge though. One reviewer didn’t like the low smoke aspect. I for one bought it exactly for that reason, to be discrete. This doesn’t interfere with the quality of the hit whatsoever.

I love the Focusvape. Easy

I love the Focusvape. Easy to clean and very discrete. The fact that it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb, makes it ideal for medical use during the day without drawing too much unwanted attention.

the charger that came with

the charger that came with the battery charger does not work in canada? not kinda sure what kind of plug it even is

I thought I already sent

I thought I already sent you my feedback, but here it is again.
I love my Focusvape, find it well designed and easy to use.
Only problem - the recharger prong is for European electrical outlets. I'm hoping a simple adapter will fix the problem.

Vape quality and design are

Vape quality and design are nice, however it is rather difficult to clean and maintain. For some reason, the vape came with a European AC adapter instead of our regular 120/240v north American adapter. Found this to be most inconvenient.

Love it use it everyday

Love it use it everyday

Great thanks !

Great thanks !


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