Focusvape Dry Herb Pod with Storage / Carrying Case

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Excellent item

I got the Pods on time. They are an excellent addition to my Focusvape Pro. Highly recommended!

Quick and easy

Digging the pods and the fast delivery! Will definitely be ordering from in the future.


With the pods, changing from daytime Sativa to evening Indica is easy. One vape, 4 pods, no prob!


First I want to commend the amazing customer service of this site! I bought my pods in April of the year. I absolutely love the convenience of loading 6 at a time (I have 3 sets). I use my vaporizer at 214c and wait a bit longer before vaping to give the chamber a chance to heat (makes sense as the temp is for the ceramic chamber not the pod). It works perfectly. I also make sure the end with more air holes is facing the mouthpiece when I drop it in). I hope this helps folks love the pods. They’re sooo convenient!!! Thank you I’m sorry it took so long for my review

Super handy

I love having these little pods, not only are they super convenient, they keep the vape itself clean for longer! I stuck a small spring at the bottom of the chamber to ensure that the pod is pushed up against the mouthpiece, they work a lot better with that small modification than without.

Great for on-the-go!

I bought these to have a discreet option for using my vape without the packing/cleaning involved. I find if I run the vape about 10dC hotter than normal, I get the sort of vapor I get at a lower temp when not using the pods. These work great, just unscrew the top, pop the pod in and screw it back on and you are ready to go. Once you are done with the pod set it aside for a few moments to cool, then opp it into the little plastic carrying tube. Easy-peasy!

Great for quick reload

First and foremost, the customer service on this site is amazing as well as how fast I got the product. Thank you. Agree with other comments about the vape cloud but you get the effect without a cloud. Very clean. I Put it in upside down the first time but second was much better. Love how convenient it makes vaping. Great addition to the focus vape and not hard on your wallet either. My tips: I increased the temperature and run at 214/5c, made sure the pod was in the right way and stopped being overly concerned with the cloud produced. It does make the vape warmer to touch but as this product is made specifically for the pro vape I’m sure it’s ok

Dry herb pod

Very convenient helps keep the chapter clean.


These little pods are o.k. They do keep the oven chamber much cleaner than without, but seemed like it hindered the heating of the herb. Had to use higher temp settings to get vapor.

Christa S.
I love the idea of

I love the idea of this as I find I have to clean my vape constantly. But I felt that it impeded the heating of the product to the point that it didn’t work. Now, it’s possible that I could try heating the vape much longer? I would love to hear tips if people had better luck, because I love the idea of the pod!


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