Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

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Product Features

  • The battery life of the Arizer Solo 2 is one of the best that we've seen. It runs for about three hours before running out of steam - which is impressive!
  • It has a much faster heat up time than the original Solo and is ready to go in under 20 seconds.
  • Just like other Arizer vaporizers, the Solo 2 has amazing vapor quality, especially for its small size.
  • It's made very durably and might be able to survive if you drop it by mistake. The exterior is made of brushed metal which means it doesn't scratch easily.
  • The digital display is pretty and intuitive to use.
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Arizer Solo 2 Description

The Arizer Solo 2 is the successor to the popular original Arizer Solo. The first Solo set the standard for portable vaporizers, providing unprecedented vapour quality in a robust housing. The Solo II maintains that heavy duty feel but is equipped with an OLED screen, improved airflow and updated aesthetics.

Improved battery life

With up to 20 uses per charge (or 3 hours), the Solo II really stands out when it comes to battery life.

Faster heat-up time, use while charging

Another improvement of the Solo 2 is the heat-up time. Thanks to a more powerful heater, the Solo 2 reaches a temperature of 200° C in about 40 seconds, which is quite impressive and a big improvement over the original Solo. What's more, it is also possible to use the Solo 2 while charging.

Updated aesthetics

While very similar to the design of the original Solo, the new Solo has an oval shape, making it easier to hold in the hand. The top of the unit is made out of brushed stainless steel, giving it a very sleek appearance. The top now also seals with a rubber cap (when the mouthpiece is removed), similar to the Arizer Air. The charging port has moved to the side of the unit, making it possible for the vaporizer to stand upright during charging.

The glass stems / aroma tubes / mouthpieces on the Solo 2 have remained virtually the same as on the original and the Solo 2 comes with two different sized stems included. These stems hold about .2 grams of herb. Original Solo stems fit in the Solo II without issue.

OLED display

The OLED screen will let you know the current and set temperature as well as the battery life. The display allows you to adjust the volume of the beeps (or turn it off), brightness and Celsius/Fahrenheit settings.


Although the Arizer Solo 2 is portable, it's not exactly a pocketable vaporizer (it's about the size of a Redbull can). You wouldn't want to be carrying around a glass stem in your pocket! That being said, the Solo 2 is great for portable home use. The long lasting battery means you don't have to worry about being near a plug all the time.

The vapor you get from it is nice and smooth due to the glass mouthpiece
 - we wouldn't expect anything else with an Arizer vaporizer. Overall, it's one of the best portable vaporizers you can buy.

What's in the box?

1 x Arizer Solo II Vaporizer
1 x Short Straight Glass Stem
1 x Long Straight Glass stem
1 x Potpourri Glass Bowl
2 x Stem Caps
1 x Stir Tool
1 x AC battery charger
1 x Optional Mesh Screen Pack
1 x Instructions / Manual

Arizer Solo 2 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Arizer
  • Vaporizer Type: Handheld portable
  • Heat Up Time: 20 seconds
  • Compatibility: Herbs
  • Battery Life: 3 hours
  • Heat Style: Conduction + convection
  • Warranty: 2 years with Arizer
  • Temperature: 50°C-220°C
  • Dimensions: 11.4cm x 4.5cm x 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 210g
  • Powered By: Battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Very pleased

New to the scene, had no idea what to expect. Despite issues with CanPost, shipping was easy and the unit itself is a joy to use. Would order again.

The One to Get

I was very pleased with my original Solo ordered from Vaped in 2015 until its untimely demise (never just drop shatter in a Solo as it liquifies upon heating, then shorts the unit out – my bad!). I've tried others but the Solo is the best in my experience with consistently satisfying vape output and ease of use. The Solo 2 is very similar, but improved all-round with a more ergonomic shape, the charge port now on the side so it can charge standing up, and heats to ready in just a few seconds, even faster than the original. The instruction manual is minimal but controls are intuitive enough that I had it figured out in minutes. Works well with ground herb or hash in small pieces similar to preparation for a joint, but more economical. A little worrisome having to carry glass tubes but they are durable and replaceable (I can even use my old tubes from the original Solo), and this design means the unit itself never gets gummed up. I purchased originally on a friend's recommendation, and another friend also likes his following my recommendation, so pleased I came back as I'm enjoying the Solo 2.


The product is one of the best vapes I’ve used. Had the arizer air before, and wanted to change for something similar with better battery. This 3 hour charge works wonders. Vape quality is amazing, and air flow is great.

Product shipped 2 days after I purchased it which was good also. I would definitely recommend this product for first time users, and more experienced users. Heats up in an instant, and ready to vape quickly.

Love this model

Great improvements like side charging port and carrying pouch also heats up super fast and it feels better in your hand.I loved my arizer solo but I love the deuce more.

Solo 2

Just tested my new Solo 2 - very happy!! Was very happy with the Solo I bought last year which still works beautifully, however, I wanted a second one just in case. I really love that you can see the exact temperature.

Vaporized ~

I got the vaporizer pretty quickly despite the troubles at the post office. I like that vaporizing in general is healthier and that this unit has many different temperatures to choose from. I looked up many reviews on which vaporizer to choose from and decided to go for this one. For me, I had to go on YouTube to actually figure out how to use it, and I found the recommended 200°c to be too high, since I'm not a regular smoker probably, so I went down to 160°c and that feels fine to me. So far the battery lasts for a long time and it's a very nice product, it warms up very fast. It is very portable, but it takes time to assemble the tube into the device and it's a little bulky and weighs more than my phone does. Overall it is definitely a really good vaporizer and product. I really enjoy it.

Enjoying my Solo 2

I’m an occassional user who’s really enjoying the vaping experience. Just 2 weeks in and about a half dozen uses and I’m very pleased. Once I received the unit I got on YouTube and quickly got it working. I really like the flavours and the high. Started using it at 190 C but have moved that up to 198. Nice flavours, easy on the throat. Now I just need to order some different strains.


Great vape, heats fast and great taste.

Arizer Solo 2 - Worth Every dollar

This is my first vape and after doing a lot of research I decided to go with solo 2 and I love it! Warms up quickly and easy to use, feels great in your hand! I highly recommend this vape!!

Arizer solo 2 gang

Great service, very professional and competitive pricing. Messaged christian asking for details about the free grinder deal he had going and he replied almost instantly. Parcel arrived in discreet packaging within a week of ordering. Mildest complaint is that the free grinder that came with it is tiny and not very good so probably wont ever use it but hey it was free so its infinitely better than nothing ;)

Very impressed overall, australia needs more retailers like this that are professional and do not perpetuate stoner stereotypes.

Would recommend that Christian expands his product range to include more grinders from premium brands such as space case or santa cruz to be able to compete more easily with other australian online stores.


Ask a Question
  • Hey! I’m trying to decide between picking the Mighty, Crafty, Davinci IQ and the Solo II. From what I’ve been reading the Mighty and the Crafty have had some technical problems recently… is that still happening? I’m looking for the vaporizer that will last the longest. It’s a lot of money to invest but I’m ready to do it for the right one. I’ve been reading that the Arizer Solo II is built really well. Do you think I’d be making the right decision with this one?

    I think the Solo 2 is definitely one of the best vaporizers out right now. It really depends on portability though! The glass mouthpiece makes it pretty clunky to bring around anywhere. If you just want to use it at home then it’s probably the best choice right now! Storz & Bickel does seem to have fixed up any issues with the Mighty and Crafty though so don’t worry about that.

  • Can it do wax or oils?

    While the Solo 2 doesn't have a built in liquid pad or anything of the sort, you can potentially use concentrates with it. Get a small amount of natural cotton and dab a bit of your concentrate on it. Insert the cotton ball in the chamber and turn up the vaporizer to get them heated up!

  • How do you clean the Solo 2?

    First thing's first: make sure you empty the stem after each use. Don't keep herb in the stem because it will clog up the oven. If you empty it every time you'll be able to keep your Solo 2 in top shape for longer. Your stems will get dirty regardless of how many times you empty them though. When they gunk up just leave them in isopropyl alcohol (91%+ ISO) for 1-2 hours. Rinse them off afterwards and they should be good as new. After long term use the oven will get dirty. To clean it simply dab a bit of isopropyl alcohol on to a cotton swab and get the gunk out of there. Leave it to dry for a few hours and then you can do a burn off (turning it on high until it auto shuts off) to get rid of any remaining taste.

  • How does it work?

    Choose your mouthpiece (you can pick from the short or long stems) and pack the bottom of it with your favourite herb. Pop open the plastic top of the Arizer Solo 2 to find the chamber, and insert the glass mouthpiece. Hold the center and top button of the control panel at the same time until the display comes on. Choose your preferred temperature with the up and down arrows. It'll be ready to use in 20 seconds or less!