XMAX Starry V3 Vaporizer

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The XMAX Starry V3 is a fantastic vaporizer for its price point with: amazing features, small size and above average vapor quality. It really does feel like an expensive vaporizer and is ultra portable.

XMAX Starry V3 Description

​​​​​The XMAX Starry V3 vaporizer is a great little unit that performs well and is quite affordable. Truth be told, it feels like you're vaping from a much more expensive vaporizer because of all of the features it packs in to a small size. Somehow they fit a full digital display, swappable battery and zirconia mouthpiece in to a tidy little package.

Fantastic value for money

While you might be expecting only the bare essentials from a dry herb vaporizer in this price range, the XMAX Starry V3 is set to impress you with a full suite of features, along with a  high quality chassis and finishes. Its ergonomic chassis is crafted from high grade anodized aluminium, with a flavor maximizing zirconia mouthpiece that swivels conveniently, so you can vape at an angle, and a high strength magnetic top-cap that makes loading your chamber easier than ever before.

Big clouds in a small size

In spite of its diminutive size and ultra-portable frame, the XMAX Starry V3 has the temp capacity and the heat distribution to deliver some serious and flavorful clouds. High vapor production and complex flavor profile combine in a resin and dry herb vape that can deliver between 10 and 20 satisfying draws in one vaping session. This 3rd version of the popular XMAX Starry marks a notable improvement on an already winning design.

Small and pocketable

With a full suite of high-end features and extras like the swiveling mouthpiece, 0.25 - 0.3 g capacity, beveled edge that prevents displacement of your herb in the chamber and a comprehensive digital screen... you might expect this weed vape to be a little on the bulky side. But, the XMAX Starry V3 is only 4 inches high, making it perfectly sized for any pocket and ready to conceal in the palm of your hand.

Replaceable 18650 batteries

This pocket-friendly heavy-hitter relies on a single, rechargeable 18650 battery which is included in the kit but which is also replaceable when your battery has seen its day. What’s more, the removable battery design means that you can carry an extra 18650 cell on your person so you needn’t wait for the device or battery to charge when you’re on the go. So, with a battery capacity off 2600 mAh, you can expect 80 minutes of solid, consistent draw time, along with a charge time of roughly the same length.

Full temperature control

One of the notable upgrades over the previous XMAX Starry is this device’s haptic feedback feature. Adding convenience to this streamlined design, the XMAX Starry V3 will vibrate to let you know when your device has reached temperature. That, combined with a 212° F - 464° F temperature range and an improved, accurate and easy to navigate temperature control system, you’ll be able to set your vaping temp exactly how you like it, for either stealth or for full, billowy clouds and then heat up to temp in 30 seconds or less!


Overall, the XMAX Starry V3 is an incredible vaporizer for its small size and affordable price. Whether you're looking to dabble in vaporizers for the first time, or you want a second unit, the Starry is a great choice. It may not deliver vapor as tasty as a Mighty or Firefly, but the Starry is really everything you need in a portable vaporizer.

Whats in the box?

1 x XMAX Starry V3 Vaporizer
1 x 2600 mAh Battery
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Cleaning Set (Tool, Brush, Tweezers)
1 x Ceramic Screen
1 x Manual 

XMAX Starry V3 Specifications

Manufacturer XMAX
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 30 seconds
Compatibility Herbs, concentrates
Battery Life 70 minutes
Heat Style Conduction
Warranty 1 year w/ XMAX (90 days on battery)
Temperature 212° F - 464° F
Dimensions 4.3 in x 1.4 in x 0.9 in
Weight 4.2 oz
Powered By Battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Great vape

Very happy with this vape. It’s super reliable, always heats up fast and lasts a good amount of time. The vapour quality is good and also very consistent. No complaints

Very nice!

Works great! Great producy for the price. Would be nice if it had a better setup for concentrates. But the concentrate pad works fine, it's just messy.

Thoroughly impressed!

I had zero experience with a vapouriser before I purchased this product and have been super impressed. It takes the experience to a new level. I think the best thing about it is the fully customisable temperature. You can really tailor it to suit your needs.
I'd recommend this to anyone and all my friends are looking at purchasing one for themselves now!

Quick, easy, effective and efficient.

Works as intended clouds aren't too big but high is just the same. No more smoking dirty joints and pipes.

Nice Vape for a Beginner and Chill sesh

So far so good! Heats up within 30-45 seconds each time but little cloud production (not something I was looking for though!). Maintains taste without any crazy coughing and gets the job done. Great size for discretion purposes and feels sturdy. The vape does get hot after a full 5 min sesh - including the mouthpiece. Just be aware but overall very happy with the purchase.

Good buy

The good: Shipment was very quick... quicker than amazon buys.
I use it for herb and it works well. Easy to charge, easy to fill, easy to clean. Pleasant taste and gets you high.

The could be better: it was shipped with the charging cable but without the charger. The instructions ask for specific USB chargers (no more that 1A), so had to buy one on amazon. The vaporizer is a bit bulkier and heavier than I thought...but is reasonable.

Excellent for a newbie, thanks for the thorough reviews

I am an absolute newbie to smoking or vaping but had reached a point where I wanted to try CBD flower for relief. This device works just as advertised, easy for a beginner, feels substantial and quality, allowed me to figure out what temperature works best. My only negative experience led me to clean first and do a couple of burn off cycles (per YouTube). Redditors told me sometimes there are manufacturing chemicals left behind. The first time I Vaped I got a headache. I cleaned and burned it off and that never happened again.

For someone who has never smoked, I expected coughing and burning. This never happened. This is truly the device for me. The only drawback is I don’t have the freedom in my life to vape as frequently as needed, so I will also have to look into pens for e-liquids so I can vape without smell when I’m not at home.

I really like this vaporizer and highly recommend it. Delivery was fast, I had no problems there and it was on sale. The prices of dry herb Vape’s gave me absolute sticker shock, so this being the cheapest in price for the quality means the world to me. So I appreciated the depth of the reviews on why a smaller price tag still provided high quality.

Compact and adjustable

I am happy with the XMAX Starry V3! It is my first vape and I appreciate that it can accommodate dry herb as well as concentrates. I like that you can choose the exact temperature setting that you want instead of being given a few choices. I bake dry herb anyway to eat it so part of the reason I bought this vape was so I could control the temperature and get two uses of my dry herb (vape it, then eat it). I also appreciate getting extra filters and things with the vape. It has a nice weight but is a great small size. The mouthpiece does get hot after about 4 minutes but it is not unbearable. I usually take a break after 5 minutes but you could do another cycle. It is a bit hard as well to get the hang of how to puff but slow deep draws are best. I recommend starting with a higher temperature at first so that you can see the smoke when you blow out, that way you will know whether the way you’re drawing in is effective or not. Then you can vape lower if you want and have the confidence that “it is working”. I have not yet taken it apart to clean it. The only issue we had was with Purolator repeatedly lying about the delivery. Otherwise this vape is great! I would recommend this vape to anyone!

Couldnt be happier

Fantastic flavour, speed of heating, battery life and density of smoke (particularly on the highest temperature). I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to spend a little more, without being outrageous, for a higher quality experience.
Shipped in 2 days to Sydney 👍

Previous model is better

The removable wire filter is quite cheap and hard to put back in compared with the fixed filter on the previous model. It took longer to clean but this one takes longer to put back together. They only give one extra gauze filter which is another reason why it lost a star. Still a good vape for the price.


Ask a Question
  • How easy is the Starry V3 to clean and maintain?

    In order to minimize maintenance on your Starry V3, we recommend you get into the habit of brushing out your chamber after every session, using the included cleaning brush. We also recommend that you avoid split sessions, as this creates a build up of muck in the device, which can be more stubborn come cleaning time. That said, a thorough cleaning is as simple as wiping out the chamber with some rubbing alcohol on a q-tip, while holding the device upside down so that no liquid drips into the heating chamber.

  • What has been improved in V3 of the XMAX Starry?

    Airflow has been improved and effectively perfected in the body of the XMAX Starry V3 and also in the mouthpiece. Haptic feedback has also been included and the device will now alert you once it’s heated up to your desired vaping temp. V3 also features better heat insulation in both the body and the mouthpiece, which improves the overall performance of the device. Then there is the battery cap, which has been upgraded for maximum durability and, last but not least, is the inclusion of a concentrate pad, instead of a wax cup, for use with resins.