Arizer Air Review Roundup



Small size makes it pocketable; Top notch vapor quality for such a compact vaporizer; Easy to use with 1 button control; Adjustable temperature; Replaceable batteries; Made in Canada

Typical Price: $259.00


Battery life from a single battery isn't very long


Arizer has packed everything that was good about the Solo in to a compact, pocket-friendly design. With a ceramic heating element and glass vapor path the Air will shoot to the top 10 lists for vaporizers everywhere.

Vapesterdam (85%)
"This unit delivers awesome vapor quality, great portability, fantastic build quality and great discreetness. It might not have the same battery life as some of the other premium units on the market, but its approach to the other categories is so strong that we couldn’t help but forgive it’s minor downfalls." (Keep reading)

Vaporizer Wizard (8.8/10)
"One of my main complaints about the Solo was the size of the unit especially when the glass mouthpiece was connected but the Air has completely solved this issue. The new Air can fit easily in my pocket and I can even leave the smallest mouthpiece attached." (Keep reading)