Indica Vaporizer Review Roundup

Indica Vaporizer



Solid build out of durable materials - it can handle a few drops; Looks like a Zippo making it discreet; Perfect size to throw in your pocket; Excellent vapor quality; Variable temperature control; Big herb chamber fits .3 grams; Long battery life for a portable unit

Typical Price: $199.00


Looks like you're inhaling fumes from a Zippo lighter to the uninitiated


The Indica could be considered one of the best portable vaporizers available right now. Great build quality, discreet, good vapor quality, long battery all for a fair price; what's not to love!

Vapo Review (85/100)
"No wonder, that the Indica Vaporizer has fulfilled all my expectations, satisfactorily. This little conduction based portable vaporizer, is a real enrichment for my collection. Wrap up warm Pax, here is your strongest rival!" (Keep reading)

VapeCritic (80/100)
"It’s actually pretty well-made, it feels solid and doesn’t really seem like they cheaped out on any of the components. It’s also pretty small, only the Magic-Flight Launch Box is smaller as far as herbal vapes go that I’ve reviewed." (Keep reading)

"Having tested a vast array of similar products, including the Pax itself, we feel the Indica delivers a far better experience at a much more reasonable price. The Indica offers twice the battery life and more temperature control than the Pax, and is still small enough to slip in your jeans pocket."