Magic Flight Launch Box Review Roundup

Magic Flight Launch Box Review



Solid build out of few pieces, small chance of breaking; Lifetime warranty; Can get big hits once you learn how to use it; Reasonable price; Fast heat up time of 10 seconds; Tons of accessories

Typical Price: $119.99


It takes a few tries (and burnt herb) to get a hang of using the MFLB; Weak battery life; Flavour isn't great compared to higher priced vapes


The Magic Flight Launch Box is a great starter vaporizer at a price that most people can afford. It takes a while to learn how to use but the vapor can be thick and cloudy when you get a hang of it.

VapeCritic (85/100)
"Yes there are better vapes out there, and yes this thing looks stupidly simple for the price, but believe me when I tell you it works like a champ. I personally feel it works best as a quick vape for taking just a handful of light draws at a time, but many people use this in a variety of scenarios and are extremely satisfied with it." (Keep reading)

Medical Jane
"Magic Flight definitely has some things figured out with their Launch Box; it’s simple, durable, silent, very portable, and most importantly, affordable. While we we’re let down by the taste and quality of the vapor, we are very satisfied with the MFLB for what it is worth." (Keep reading)

Vaporizer Wizard (8.5/10)
"I definitely recommend this vaporizer if you need a discreet and affordable portable vaporizer." (Keep reading)