The Most Chill States

Most chill states

For some of us, relaxation means a break from the stresses of modern day life, but not every state is built for peace of mind. So where can Americans catch a break? has discovered which US states are the most chill and which are the least. Some of the most relaxed states in this list are go-to destinations, while others might not have even been on your radar. So if you’re looking to relocate or just planning your next rejuvenating getaway, we will inspire your next adventure.

How stressed out is your state?

Using TensiStrength, a stress and relaxation word analysis tool, we analysed 5 million tweets to discover which state is the most relaxed. Looking at 100,000 tweets per state and comparing them across these indicators of stress and relaxation, have ranked the ‘most chill’ states and the ‘least chill’..

Some of the more 'relaxing’ states like Hawaii and California were expected to be in the most chill group, however Hawaii ranks surprisingly lower than expected, coming in 38th place. Missouri came in 1st place as the most chill state with 15.14% of tweets including relaxing words and phrases. Closely followed by Idaho with 14.45% and California at 13.71%.

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The 10 Least Chill States

Sadly, there are states in the North, South, East and West of the USA that are feeling the effects of the last year. Southern states like South Carolina, New Mexico and Florida all rank in the ‘least chill’, as well as the northern states of Washington, North Dakota and South Dakota, which is officially the ‘least chill state’ with only 2.94% of tweets being relaxed. New York, Rhode Island, Maryland and West Virginia also have very stressed twitter users, with 10% of New York’s tweets ranking as ‘no relaxation’.

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The 10 Most Chill States

If you are looking to move somewhere mellow, your best bet is heading East or West. Missouri, Idaho, California, Virginia and Indiana are the 5 least-stressed states in the land. Missouri, whose stress score is the lowest overall, at 67% is home to some of the best staycation locations in the world. Kentucky and Oklahoma are also high relaxation scorers, with over 30% of tweets being highly relaxed.

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Methodology scraped 100,000 tweets from each state and ran them through TensiStrength to determine the strength of stress and relaxation. TensiStrength estimates the strength of stress and relaxation expressed in short texts - including informal language. It has a human-level accuracy which gives a fair judgement to small texts. The scoring reports 2 strengths; -1 (no stress) to -5 (very high stress) and 1 (no relaxation) to 5 (highly relaxed).