Da Buddha Vaporizer

Brand: 7th Floor

  • $190.00


Product Features

  • Very durable - built out of solid aluminum
  • Incredibly easy to use, you'll be up and running within 10 minutes
  • Hits are clean and smooth
  • High quality ground glass pieces that last a long time
  • 3 year warranty
  • Free padded carrying case included
  • North American made (Denver, Colorado)
Da Buddha is a whip only vaporizer made by the guys at 7th Floor (who also make the Silver Surfer). They're similar units but Da Buddha is generally considered the stock version without the frills. Don't let that turn you off though this is a solid unit that packs a punch - the whip draws smooth and clean which gives the vapor a great taste. Even the laziest of people can maintain the unit, cleaning takes as little as five minutes and it's very easy to use. If you're currently using a water pipe or papers it's a no-brainer: go Da Buddha.

Recommended for
The lazy toker. Da Buddha is one of the easiest units to use and maintain making it perfect for someone who loves to couch-vape. 

How It's Unique
As previously mentioned the ease of use is definitely a selling feature of the DB. If you're looking to go a long way with a little, Da Buddha is a great choice; it really maximizes the herb you use. It also includes a free padded travel bag which is pretty sweet!