Davinci Vaporizer

Brand: Davinci

  • $90.00
  • $169.99
  • Save $7999


Product Features

  • Super portable, fits in a pocket
  • Sleek discreet look
  • High quality, solid build
  • Quick heat up in only 1.5 minutes
  • Built in cleaning brush
  • Precise temperature control with electronic display

DaVinci Authorized Distributor
The DaVinci is a top quality ultra-portable vape which was nicknamed the "walkie talkie" vape for obvious reasons. If stealth is what you're looking for, keep reading, because the DaVinci doesn't look out of place in public but if it also fits in to your pocket with ease. Do you like precise temperature control? Perfect! Because this vaporizer has a digital display which lets you control the temperature down to the degree. And guess what.. It's even got a secret cleaning brush built in!

Recommended for
The FBI agent turned stoner. The Davinci is a sleek looking device that can double as a walkie-talkie if you're baked enough.

How It's Unique
It's one of the only great ultra-portable vapes out there, a lot of the portable competition lacks the thick vapor that the Davinci is packing. Also the stealthy built-in cleaning brush comes in handy.