Haze Vaporizer Review Roundup



Innovative dual bowl feature - pack herb in one and concentrates in another; Replaceable batteries means you can keep extras; 10 Year warranty; Packs up in to a pocket size; Choice of glass and metal mouthpieces

Typical Price: $249.99


Not the most discreet vaporizer; Mouthpiece can get stuck inside of the unit


The Haze is now in the running to be one of the best portable vaporizers available. Definitely take a look at the Haze if you want to vape both herbs and concentrates.

VapeCritic (86/100)
"I do like this vape, and it’s definitely unique with the dual chambers. If it didn’t have the mouthpiece issue and it produced smoother vapor I’d be giving it a higher rating, but performance-wise it falls a little short of the top-tier." (Keep reading)

Medical Jane
"My only complaint is that the bowls only hold a small amount of ground dry-herb, requiring multiple re-fills for a heavy user. It would be great for the next generation Haze to include a larger bowl for dry-herbs. However, I will say that the current bowl size is perfect for concentrates and oils." (Keep reading)

Vaporizer Wizard (8.8/10)
"The Haze has completely replaced my Pax unless I need absolute discreetness then I’ll still use my Pax. The dual bowl system and the pre-packing cans make loading and unloading extremely easy. I have unlimited options as far as what materials I want to vape and how I want to vape them." (Keep reading)