Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer

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​The Davinci IQ2 is a sleek looking, vaporizer that fits nicely in your pocket with some pretty advanced features. The LED display is intuitive and pleasant on the eye. The adjustable oven size, 10mm adapter, smart paths and flavor chamber are all pretty great additions. It also produces fantastic vapor for a portable conduction vaporizer. Just pack the bowl and you're off.


Davinci IQ2 vaporizer

Stunning Design

The Davinci IQ2 vaporizer offers sleek and stylish looks in a small but highly functional design. The bright and intuitive 51 LED grid display make this device not only a pleasure to use, but a pleasure to look at. It's one of the more aesthetically pleasing vaporizers on the market.

A concealed chamber, hinged chamber cap and minimalist finish, along with phenomenal performance are among the reasons why the Davinci IQ2 holds rank as one of the most acclaimed portable vaporizers.

Davinci IQ2 vaporizer in hand

Small But Solid Build

Small enough to fully conceal in the palm of your hand, you might expect the Davinci IQ2 to be less than durable but that is not the case. Its anodised aluminium shell makes it feel solid when you hold it. It has a fantastic weight that feels more valuable than plastic alternatives.

And you can’t really find a stealthier vaporizer because it’s tiny. Without any glass pieces, you don't need to be worried throwing it in your pocket. It's pretty much the ideal size for a portable vaporizer.

Davinci IQ2 lights

Great Vapor Quality

The ceramic zirconia oven and vapor path on the Davinci IQ2 is well insulated and it allows you to set your temperatures high, while remaining cool to the touch. Combined with 360 degree conduction oven, means you can get some massive flavorful hits full in the upper half of the device’s temperature spectrum, without risking combustion.

There is also a new Air Dial™, which is new in the IQ2. This allows for adjustable airflow, which lets you customize your airflow and reduce/increase draw resistance.

Davinci IQ2 includes

Replaceable Batteries

The Davinci IQ2 offers an impressive 50-60 minutes of continuous use on a single charge, thanks to its removable, rechargeable 18650 battery. Replaceable batteries means that you continue using your vaporizer when the battery runs out if you carry an extra. Keep a couple spare 18650 in your kit so that you don’t have charge the device while you are on the move.

Swappable batteries also means you can just replace them after a couple years. This extends the life of the IQ2 because you don't need to replace the entire vaporizer, just the battery.

Davinci IQ2 vaporizer charging

Other Improvements

The IQ2 also includes a few other improvements over the original IQ. It's easier to clean which is a big plus, any vaporizer owners will tell you cleaning is the biggest nuisance. While still not the easiest vaporizer to clean, the IQ2 is far from the hardest.

Also, if you have an Android phone (not available on Apple) you can access the app for full temperature control. On-device dosage technology is new with the IQ2, which allows you to track your dosage and set a maximum dose per session.

Davinci IQ2 Specifications

Manufacturer Davinci
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 16 seconds
Battery Life 70 minutes
Heat Style Conduction
Warranty 10 years limited w/ Davinci
Temperature 32° F - 430° F
Dimensions 3.6 in x 1.8 in x 1 in
Weight 5.6 oz
Powered By Battery
Box Includes 1 x Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer
1 x 10mm Mouthpiece
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Extra Pick Tool
9 x Alcohol Wipes
9 x Organic Cotton
1 x Ceramic Extract Disc
1 x Dosage Pod

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Mariah Greenhood
Best portable dry herb vape

I love this vape! Very small and I love all of the features. The battery isn't wonderful but I knew that going into the purchase and bought 4 extra batteries and a battery charger that charges all 4 at the same time. I smoke A LOT and I find that 2-3 batteries gets me through the day. No complaints here and buying from Vaped was a great choice, cheapest I could find online and the free grinder it came with it's great.

Best hand-size portable device

This device is handy to take with you for small top-ups of your herbs. Sturdy and made well. Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. One of the best portable hand size vapes. Great service from this store. Great delivery and good communication.

Best vape in the market

I am confident that the DaVinci IQ2 is the best cannabis vaporizer currently in the market. I particularly like how it resembles smoking a joint better than other vapes.

There are certainly a few kinks that need to be improved for all vaporizers in general, but this one is probably the best one out there for now.

Shopping at vaped.ca was great!

Scott Nichol
Sexy Vape

The IQ2 is super discreet and fits in the palm of my hand nicely. It was the mighty vs DaVinci for me. I went for DaVinci for the portability factor. I was worried I would be missing out on the giant clouds of the mighty “the vape king” but I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the IQ2. Looks great, big clouds, does two great sessions per bowl for a single user and the removable battery very convenient when you need it. The only thing that sucks is the stir stick is on the opposite end so I end up putting it down and leaving it in random places. Definitely would be better on the bowl side. Shopping at vaped was quick and painless.

Very Pleased

I was looking for a portable vaporizer that used a replaceable battery and this one looked to be the best. Quick delivery and am very happy with it.

Second IQ Vape

This is the second vape I have gotten from Davinci and I love them. The last one still worked great after 5 years with it. I gave that one away and the receiver was very pleased with it as well. Like other reviewers, I usually smoke a joint but the IQ feels like it would have less harmful chemicals being inhaled.

Love it

Great vape quality. Beautiful design. Have a mighty as well and this is very much on par, love the new design and the wheel at the bottom to change the airflow

IQ2 - is a wee rippa

Great little unit that is 100% worth the extra cost, well built and easy to use but make sure you get spare batteries and an external charger to take full advantage of the ability to have spares on hand, it goes through batteries like I do chicken wings! Kudos to the team for the extra support and speedy replacement after Aus Post lost the first one that was posted out..

Quality product!

High quality product, very well made and packaged. Instructions are a little lacking for those with no experience of vapourizers, especially as the app is not available for download in Australia!! Great service from vaporizers direct.

Excellent vaporiser

Love the IQ2. It has a sturdy, weighty feel on your hand, it’s easy to use, it’s customisable, gives you smooth AF vapour and allows you to get a good taste of your vapour as well. Plus, it’s way less strain on your throat and lungs. I always used to use a bong with iced water before this to reduce lung damage but this is way better. My high lasts a lot longer but I do need to have a few extra hits to get the same high. The battery is reasonable but it can take a little while to fully charge. Still, it’s good for a full sesh!


Ask a Question
  • How will I know when the IQ is ready to use?

    The Davinci IQ features a nifty little function called haptic feedback. This means that, after you’ve customized your session and set your vape to whatever temp or Smart Path you fancy for your chosen level of cloud and flavor, you just kick back and wait for the vibration. The IQ will buzz to let you know when your device has reached the desired temp, which, in this high-end performer, only takes about 30 seconds!

  • What is the point of setting a Smart Path?

    Good question. Now, many of us are in love with the vapor production we get from a high temperature vape but simply vaping your herb or extract at one high temperature over the course of a session can result in uneven vaporization and a burning of your herb. Using a pictorial graph system (with the mobile app) you can set your Davinci IQ to slowly increase in temperature over the course of, say, a 10 minute session, which not only maximize cloud production and flavor, but will also allow for complete and even vaporization.

  • I’ve decided to go with the Davinci IQ! I’m just wondering are there any must-have accessories I should buy with it? I want a decked out kit

    Yeah there are a few things that go well with the IQ. Check out the accessories pack which includes everything you need to give it a good clean. Also the powerbank is really useful if you want to give it some extra juice. Don’t forget to toss a grinder in there too!