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Focusvape Pro Battery - Vaped

Focusvape Pro Battery

Replacement rechargeable battery for the Focusvape Pro Vaporizer.   Original Samsung 3200mAh battery.

Arizer Solo Battery - Vaped

Arizer Solo Battery

High quality replacement battery for use with the Arizer Solo vaporizer. Includes: 1 x Battery and instructions for replacement

Mighty Mouthpiece Set - Vaped

Mighty Mouthpiece Set

Set of replacement mouthpieces for the Mighty Vaporizer Includes 4 - Mighty Replacement Mouthpieces

Arizer Glass Cyclone Bowl - Vaped

Arizer Glass Cyclone Bowl

The Cyclone bowl is a replacement piece made for the Arizer Extreme Q or V Tower. It includes a replacement screen and a black cool touch topper.

Flowermate USB Cable - Vaped

Flowermate USB Cable

The Flowermate USB Charging Cable is an OEM part designed specifically for the V5.0s Pro Mini Vaporizer. Includes 1 - Flowermate USB Charging Cable

Focusvape Battery - Vaped

Focusvape Battery

Replacement rechargeable battery for the Focusvape Vaporizer.   Original LG 2500mAh battery.

Magic Flight Glass Stem - Vaped

Magic Flight Glass Stem

This is a simple replacement stem for the Magic Flight. Just push it in to the small hole and enjoy the awesome vapor!

Arizer Solo Charger - Vaped

Arizer Solo Charger

Replacement Arizer Solo Charger.  Standard Charger for recharging the Solo battery.Includes 1 - Standard Charger for recharging the Arizer Solo Ba...

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