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When we first tried out the dotLeaf we were blown away. Not only did it pack a punch with the vapor, but it has some incredible functionality. The oven, battery and mouthpiece are all modular. They managed to pack all of this in to a tiny device that performs like a more expensive model.


dotleaf vaporizer in hand

Teeny Tiny Size

The dotLeaf is smaller than the size of a credit card. Yes, it's that small. If you're looking for a super portable vaporizer you have to at least consider the dotLeaf. It's pretty amazing what dotMod has packed in to such a tiny device.

This makes it perfect for pretty much any situation. It can easily be tossed in your pocket. Going on a hike? Going to the park? Chilling on the couch? The dotLeaf vaporizer suits your needs.

dotLeaf USA

Swappable Oven

The dotLeaf is one of the first vaporizers to market that has a fully swappable oven. This means you can keep extra ovens ready to go with dry herb and just swap them out during a session. Just pop out your used oven and pop in the fresh one.

This also makes cleaning the dotLeaf incredibly easy. All you have to really worry about is the oven, which is easy to brush out and clean. The mouthpiece is a standard drip tip which is simple to clean as well. Maintaining a vaporizer is the key to having it perform at its best.

dotLeaf battery

Replaceable Battery

Not only is the oven swappable, but so is the battery. This makes the dotLeaf one of the first fully modular vaporizers. You can swap out almost everything! We love replaceable batteries because it extends the life of the vaporizer. With many other vaporizers when the battery dies, they die. That isn't the case with the dotLeaf.

It also charges via USB-C which is the preferred charging method these days. It's universal and generally charges faster than the alternatives.

dotLeaf vaporizer

Simple Settings

There are only two buttons on the dotLeaf but they allow you to do a lot. Switch between four pre-set temperature settings with the hidden button behind the magnetic door. There is also a 'boost' mode which gives you a temp increase at the end of your session to get the most out of your oven.

The dotLeaf proves that you don't need an app to get a lot of functionality. A single button can do everything you need without a phone and bluetooth.

dotLeaf charging

Attachments Included

Even though the dotLeaf is small in size, it can do quite a bit right out of the box. dotMod includes 14mm and 18mm adapters which allow you to connect your vaporizer to a water pipe. While this isn't unique to the dotLeaf, it is one of the only vaporizers that doesn't charge extra for these pieces.

Connecting to a water pipe certainly isn't necessary but it is a nice vaporizing experience. We recommend trying out both native and with the adapters to see which you prefer.

dotLeaf Specifications

Manufacturer dotMod
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 20 seconds
Compatibility Herbs
Battery Life ≈10 sessions
Heat Style Conduction
Warranty 90 days w/ dotMod
Temperature 365°F - 473°F
Powered By 18650 Battery
In The Box 1 x dotLeaf vaporizer
1 x Dry herb tank
1 x POM mouth piece
1 x 14mm adapter
1 x 18mm adapter
1 x Multi tool
1 x Brush
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x Service pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

I dont think I’ll ever go back to smoking. In the past I had a focusvape which I used for a while but went back to smoking.
I can’t see that happening now.
The taste is a pleasure, being able to swap out batteries and ovens means never having to wait for charging or cleaning between uses. Customers services is great, very responsive and helpful.
People say it’s brilliant through glass but I didn’t want to get a pipe again soooo I’ve managed to set up a little hookah to use it with 😍 I put a drop of peppermint oil in the water and it’s just such a treat!
Love it.

Maybe not perfect, but pretty dang ingenious

I should preface my review by saying that the heating chamber on my unit was defective and I had to get a new one sent to me by dotLeaf, which they handled perfectly and with haste. Once I had a fully working unit I've been able to put it through its paces and found it to be a quality, reliable product. Still figuring out which setting works best and it's a bit convoluted getting everything set right, not complicated just not obvious. But once you're set and it's just a matter of filling the chamber and turning it on, it's a pleasure to use.

Lovely little machine

I was looking for something easy to use and maintain while still packing a punch and being a reliable and sturdy device. This has not disappointed at all. I bought a second oven right away as recommended by other reviewers. It works great to have it prepackaged and able to swap out right away while the spent one gets cleaned.

It also comes with a very nice padded case that fits all of the accessories neatly. I carved an extra little slot in the foam padding for the second oven and it all fits perfectly still.

Absolutely recommend.

Modularity shines through the most

I don't think I can really add much more praise than other reviews but maybe I can compliment and point towards the Etsy market for door mods, seriously go check it out otherwise definitely get an extra chamber or two, 2 batteries should suffice as well.

This bad boy also really milks at the highest setting in a glassy so look into getting a bubbler bong to pair, new world with how great it can be, possibly double vape in a beug when you get the itch, I'll definitely be pairing it with this.

Best thing i've owned

I lost my mighty and was devastated. This was the best replacement ive got, the plastic attachments that come with it (14mm/18mm) fit in my bombs for a combustion free experience. Push the button for a 15c burst to clear the bowl (Laundry Basket style oven). One of the only vapes ive owned that has a removal battery. I have a normal vape so all my batteries work in this device and my vape which is perfect on the go. Also looks awesome and feels classic. Would recommend to anyone that already has a normal vape as the battery chargers/flexibility is really nice. I purchased this with an extra Oven so I can have one on the go and one for at home. Have yet to clean it, just clear out with the provided tools after each session. Takes roughly 15 seconds to heat up (very nice).

R Andrade
DotLeaf V1.5 Vaporizer

This vaporizer is good, easy to use it, get an extra chamber and a spare battery , and you are ready to go.

Luna See
Pros and Cons

I bought this a replacement for my ArGo, as the glass pipe broke inside it and I couldn't get it out. I'm not nearly as impressed. Everything is done by button pushes. Turn it on, 3 pushes in rapid succession. Miss a click, start over. Turn it off, 5 clicks. The temp isn't customizable - just 4 settings (all button push, under a magnetic case, with the replaceable battery.) And I'm pretty sure the settings aren't always what they say For example, sometimes, a low temp setting absolutely cooks the flower to black. Sometimes, not. I think I may accidentally hit the 'boost' setting, since it's all the same damn button. The instructions are terrible and tiny. I'm not that old, but I need reading glasses to read the instructions at all. And for some stupid reason, it shuts off after 3 minutes. No matter what. No settings to change that.

I'd buy the ArGo again if the glass tubes weren't so likely to break.

- Replaceable battery and oven.
- Pass through charging - you can use it while it's plugged in
- No glass parts to break.
- Comes with a nice case, a cleaning wand, and replaceable mouthpieces
- Good small size.
- Very unintuitive design
- No temp reading
- No customizable timer
- Passthrough use is particularly difficult because it's hard to know if it's on or not, as the power light is on while charging.
- Heats up on the outside (also an ArGo problem)
- Pain in the butt to load the oven. Can't just press into ground flower.
- Often doesn't recognise the new oven is in, and you have to take it out and put it back in a few times to get it to recognise it.

Nader Shidfar
Excellent customer service

I had a couple issues with my first dotleaf. After I messaged the customer service team they helped me resolve the issues. I am glad they go out of their way to make sure I am happy.

Dotleaf is pretty great. Hard to load sometimes but it hits really well

good little unit

quick and speedy delivery. Took a few tries to get used to the draw, very good battery life and love the fact that battery and chamber is replaceable and easily changed over. Taste is similar to burned popcorn and overall in line with the others. Thumbs up.

An Old Stoner
DotLeaf vs GPen

Being an old stoner (60+ years) I was looking to give my lungs a break and I wanted a dry herb vaporizer vs. an infused liquid vaporizer.
The result is I own the GPen "Dash", "Elite" & the GPen "Pro" models of dry herb vaporizers. Then I stumbled across the DotLeaf vaporizer.
As soon as I read about it, I knew that DotLeaf had addressed all of the short comings of the GPen line.
The DotLeaf vaporizer is my #1 vaporizer and I will not be going back to the GPen line of products.
While some of the GPen models have only some of the features of the DotLeaf, the DotLeaf has key features that none of the GPen models offer.
What DotLeaf offers that GPen does not;
* DotLeaf herb chambers can be swapped in and out (not possible with GPen)
- Immerse empty herb chamber(s) in rubbing alcohol for serious cleaning
- Competitors chamber is fixed in the unit and must be emptied and then refilled for use
> Not always convenient to empty & refill when needed
> Serous cleaning of GPens are a real PITA
* DotLeaf batteries can be swapped in and out
- Recharging Gpen vaporizers is not always convenient and DotLeaf has addressed this
Being an old stoner, I can go through several chambers a day and batteries can require refreshing throughout the day (not convenient with GPen).
DotLeaf allows me to have extra charged batteries and extra chambers in my pocket so I can quickly and conveniently keep buzzing along.
The key features of DotLeaf clearly beat anything GPen has to offer.


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