G Pro Vaporizer

Brand: Grenco Science

  • $70.00
  • $99.99
  • Save $2999


Product Features

  • Simple and sleek design that G Pen's famous for
  • "Pen" style vaporizer that vaporizes and doesn't combust the herb
  • Variable, precise, temperature control (320° F, 380° F, 420° F)
  • Relatively large chamber that can fit .6 grams
  • Super portable and can be thrown in your pocket
  • Easy to clean - just clean it out with the G Cleaning Brush regularly
  • 3 minute automatic shut-off in case you forget

Grenco Science®, the creator of the famous G Pen, is back with something special – their first vaporizer designed specifically for herbs. As Canada’s premier herbal vaporizer shop we’re pretty excited that they’ve released the G Pro because their previous attempts at vaporizing herbs didn’t go over too well.

Although the G Pro isn’t a groundbreaking vaporizer it has a simple, sleek look that will definitely appeal to a lot of people. The vapor quality is weak but what do you expect from such a small vape?

It’s super easy to use: just load it up and click the single button to turn it on. There’s also variable temperature control so you can choose between 320° F with the red indicator, 380° F with the green indicator and 420° F with the blue indicator.

Recommended for

Somebody looking for a super sleek, cheap, portable vaporizer. The mouthpiece does get hot after prolonged use and the vapor quality is sub-par (to say the least) but it is damn cheap and it looks great.

How It's Unique

I’m not sure whether to consider this a “pen” but it has a sleek pen like look. What really makes it different is that all other “pen” vaporizers don’t actually vaporize the herb; they combust it. The G Pro actually vaporizes herb which is a step in the right direction.