Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

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The Magic Flight Launch Box is a simple little vaporizer that is powered by AA batteries.

Magic Flight Launch Box Description

The Magic Flight Launch Box (aka the MFLB) is a super portable vaporizer that was released in 2010 by Magic Flight Inc. It was made to be a light-weight vape that requires no lighter, no butane and runs on simple AA batteries. Since it's release, it has collected a cult-like following from its supporters.

Discreet and portable

The Magic Flight Launch Box has been a popular portable vaporizer for over a decade now. This has a lot to do with the fact that it’s not only lightweight and discreet enough to fit in your pocket when you’re on a mission, but it’s also cordless, as it operates using an external battery with a mechanical toggle system. You can carry the battery separately, in another pocket. The MFLB is only 2.5 in x 0.8 in x 1.8 in, in size… that’s small enough to conceal in the palm of your hand.

Heats up almost instantly

One of the features which has fueled the Magic Flight Launch Box’s popularity is the fact that the device’s single-strand heating element soars to vaporizing temp, at 390 degrees, in as little as 4 seconds. All you have to do is insert the external battery into the comfortably placed, port cut-out on the side of the device and depress the battery in order to complete the circuit…4 seconds later and infinity is the limit.

Unique wooden design

The Magic Flight Launch Box boasts a unique, trademark wooden chassis which, combined with its durable, plexiglass trench or chamber cover, makes it one of the most durable and robust options on the market. Not only does the hand-made, wooden chassis offer a range of bespoke inlay options and wood types, it also ages with grace.

Powered by regular AA batteries

Other vaporizers on the market contain either onboard batteries, which cannot be replaced or require expensive and heavy 18650s. The Magic Flight Launch Box, on the other hand, maximizes convenience by employing a readily available, rechargeable AA battery, which is not only lightweight and safer than an 18650, it is also quick to charge when it runs flat.

Simple to use

The mechanical style Magic Flight Launch Box requires no button clicking and menu scrolling to operate, just a simple pressing motion to achieve battery contact and vape. The easy access bowl  consists of a deep, steel mesh lined ‘trench’ which allows for the easy placement and packing of a sizable quantity of herb. Other than that, the trench-chamber and box-top has a plexiglass swing-away cover, which not only makes for ease of use in the wind, it also stands up to extended use and even dropping with no qualms at all.


Made from wood, you feel one with nature when you use it and is perfect for anybody with hippie sensibilities. Being battery charged means you can take it on camping trips and not skip a beat (just bring along extra batteries). The Launch Box has gathered its following over the years for a reason.. it's a sweet vaporizer.

Whats in the box?

1 x Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer
2 x Magic Flight AA batteries
1 x Battery charger
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Glass stem
1 x Carrying pouch

Magic Flight Launch Box Specifications

Manufacturer Magic Flight
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 5 seconds
Compatibility Herbs
Heat Style Conduction
Warranty Lifetime
Temperature 380° F
Dimensions 2.5 in x 0.8 in x 1.8 in
Weight 6.3 oz
Powered By AA Batteries

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Janice M
Form and Function

This is a beautiful little piece of art that is dead easy to use. Great information package with the box from Magic Flight, plus wonderful service from Christian and Vaped. Thanks, guys!

I couldn't have asked for anything more

Right price, quick shipping and works as expected!

Top shelf customer service!

Affordable, portable, stealthy, potent.
Customer service was superb. It arrived quickly and quietly. Truly amazing little device. Thank you Christian!

Awesome! Exceptional Service!

Great vape, good for casual user like myself. Really glad I bought it from Arrived 36 hours after I placed the order. 10/10 would recommend.

Nick Diver
Fast Delivery! Great little Vape

Love this little vape! Heats up fast! Delivers a great high! My Launch box came in 3 days. Very fast! The free grinder works well too. I'd buy again from

Prince als

Price sas a Little high, but good Product.

buy your flight box here!

Best price, fast shipping and a free, excellent and effective grinder!

Steve Sharp

Great product as advertised, super fast shipping with a great low price. Could not be happier, free bonus grinder great too.

What could go wrong ?

With a Life time warranty?
.. gets you thru in a pinch. Compact . Easy to use .

Robert Niles

id improve batteries and charger


Ask a Question
  • Tell me more about the available designs…

    Beyond the elegant, original maple, walnut and cherry wood options, the Magic Flight Launch Box offers detailed and unique triple-wood, Elvidge versions, as well as the metallic inlaid, Monacle edition and the exquisitely detailed Molecule version. There are also various options boasting laser-etched detailing on the Plexiglass cover, such as the Celtic Tree of Life model and the awesome Rocktopus option.

  • Can I use my Magic Flight Box with concentrates?

    Absolutely, although your oil and concentrate trays come as optional accessories, which are sold separately. There are two concentrate trays available for the Magic Flight Launch Box: one is the unscreened tray, which is intended for use with concentrates which do not liquify when heated. The other is the screened tray, designed for use with concentrates which fully liquify when heated.

  • How does the MFLB work?

    The first step you must take before using the Magic Flight is ensuring that your herb is ground to the right consistency. If it’s too coarse the herb wont heat evenly and it can combust. Regular grinders are passable but its encouraged to grind it quite fine. Once you have the herb ground and ready to go, load the trench (approximately 50 to 100 milligrams) and snap the lid closed. Insert a charged battery when you’re ready to vape and press it in. You should see vapor through the lid in around 4 seconds. Then you should take sips from the drawing tube until the chamber is empty. Unlike many other vaporizers with a 2-5 minute heat up time, the Magic Flight is ready to go in under 10 seconds which is impressive. Many first time users burn the herb with the Magic Flight or cant seem to get big draws. Taking a little time to learn the tricks helps.  Consider shaking the chamber and taking sips from the stem. Taking small sips is called “micro-toking” which helps you get a bigger cloud and stops the herb from burning. It isn’t that tough and you’ll get the hang of it after a few uses.