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Product Features

  • It's a convection vaporizer that has exceptional vapor quality. The vapor is smooth, dense and draws very nicely.
  • The cooling coil mouthpiece decreases the temperature of the vapor as it pulls from the chamber, which means you can set the temperature very high to get big clouds but still inhale cool vapor.
  • It features seven temperature settings ranging from 37-215 degrees.
  • It's built incredibly well. Storz & Bickel are world renowned for making some of the highest quality vaporizers and the Plenty is no exception.
  • There is an automatic shut off feature which is nice to have incase you forget to turn off the unit after using it.
  • Simple and intuitive design.

Volcano Authorized Distributor

Plenty Description

The Plenty is a funky vaporizer made by the German company Storz & Bickel, the same company that created the world-famous Volcano. Just like the Volcano, the vapor is top-notch and is generally used as the benchmark to compare other vaporizers. The metal whip cools the vapor as it rises which exposes a lot of the more delicate herbal flavours. It's also packing an extra wide herb chamber so you can pack A LOT of your favourite herb in there. What's not to love?

Recommended for
The water pipe convert. If you love a good hit but want a lighter alternative, the Plenty is right for you. The vapor it produces hits so hard it's comparable to a water pipe.. and your lungs will thank you.

How It's Unique
There are two main things making the Plenty a unique vaporizer:
  1. It has a huge herb chamber which is great if you love a long vape session. Also great for group vaping. 
  2. Its coiled metal whip delivers an experience you can only find with the Plenty. It cools the vapor as it rises and really brings out a lot of the flavor that you miss with hot vapor.


1 x Plenty Vaporizer
1 x Filling Chamber
1 x Herbal Grinder
1 x Mouthpiece
3 x Normal Screens
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Cooling Coil
2 x Short Tubes
2 x Long Tubes
1 x Liquid Pad
1 x User Manual


Manufacturer Storz & Bickel
Vaporizer Type Desktop
Heat Up Time 3 minutes
Heat Style Convection
Warranty 3 years w/ Storz & Bickel
Temperature Max 395° F
Dimensions 6.1 in x 8.9 in x 2 in
Weight 1.5 lb
Powered By Wall plug

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Thomas K
Wow that was fast!

These guys are fast - very impressed with the quick service, and the prompt responses to questions online. Best prices I could find online as well! The Plenty is an awesome vape!

Great product at a great price

I'm completely happy with the Plenty, it absolutely lives up to its reputation. Excellent price and timely shipping as well. Would recommend.

Dom De Plume
Plenty of Plenty

With large thanks to the exceptional after sales customer support provided by Christian Skulthorp who was also more than happy to drop the price to the lowest you will find anywhere - I am presently very happy with my Plenty. The handheld design is perfect for those of you transferring from water pipes. I am still familiarising myself with it but in my opinion, to achieve the best results the most important thing is to ensure that the surface area of the chamber is COMPLETELY covered. If your intention is to get absolutely pantsed then look no further than the Plenty.

Dave on the West Coast
Fast Shipping and Good Service

Very Happy with the Plenty. Was recommended to me by a worker at the local cannabis shop and glad he did. Quality vape, good build quality and hits hard with smooth flavour and big clouds.
Happy with service from Vaped, shipped within 2 days and arrived well packaged. Would buy from Vaped again for sure.

Great price and rapid delivery

Awesome, very competitive price and speedy delivery. Recommend.


Already had the Mighty for over 4 years. So i was already biased towards the Plenty.
It performed as expected, actually a little over. I am used to the smaller chamber of the Mighty. On the Plenty, it's quite larger.... and its plenty for a bunch of friends... but for me personally, i am using the liquid pad.
Fast delivery and excellent service from
very happy!

Justin Hall
The plenty

Ordered this item got it the next day I paid for the express shipping tho. This is an amazing vape I love how well it hits. I Would recommend the bowl reducer . I contacted this company to see if It was even worth me paying for the express shipping with the lockdown going on and received help from a rude fellow named Christian sculthorp. Keep ur opinions to yourself👌

Plenty vaporizer rating

I am happy with the purchase. It has an extremely clean hit and tastes great! Once the product is heated up inside and it burns up it starts to taste pretty nasty, or smell nasty too. Hard to find compatible attachments online but still very high quality. If you can spend some extra cash I would go with volcano over the plenty. Just my opinion.

Still running it in

Great service and delivery
Well made and good looking product
I'm still working on the best technique but its smooth and easy to use

Mickey Bellar
It's a Keeper

Great product shipped quickly and with attentive service.

I have to admit, the first few days had me thinking "What the freak is all the fuss about?" In fact I was going to return it, but I had already tossed the box.
I was so used to drawing from a Boundless CF that I was huffing and puffing like a bad wolf blowing down pig houses. If you find the Plenty "off", relax and use it for a few days, your lungs will settle down and you can breath again. Now, me and my Plenty are bad boys for life.

For all the talk about bowl size, yeah it looks huge but frankly it holds the same amount as the Boundless CF did, want to use less use the included pad. I have come to enjoy the temp gauge on the front as I just set the dial to 7 and leave it, but start to draw when the dial hits the green and using the on off switch to rock the plenty temp as needed. Now the cord is an issue as it will pull the unit and tip it even when using the brush as kick stand. However, I found a 6 inch bolt that fits and studded it with lock nuts making my plenty stand with pride as it becomes uniquely mine. The fact the cord is huge and heavy is a plus given you will be in no shape to be a fire warden using the Plenty, yet IT WILL. The heating time is no big deal, yeah slow but frankly much better than going to take a draw only to have some battery needing a charge as the battery service time grows shorter and shorter (yeah, I'm talking about you CF).

I have used the Plenty daily for a month (I've seen vapes look like crap after a week) and the unit still looks like new. The base you can clean just using a moist cleaning rag and bowl breaks down and cleans effortlessly. The only area that any build up occurs is in the coil and only on the bowl side, easy to dip into some iso.

This vape doesn't nickle and dime you over screens, mouthpieces etc, or need mods to work (looking at you Boundless) what comes in the box will last for years, and the screens months not weeks. If you are going to use the wax pad for smaller bowls order a few extra as they are metal pads and can unravel over time, again months not weeks.

Now you get good flavor but like any vape make of plastic if your weed in the bowl is dead you will taste, "industrial waste". However, unlike most plastic vapes the Plenty is medical grade plastic which means it will not give you cancer, hopefully anyway.


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