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Product Features

  • Convection Heating: The Swift Pro offers convection heating technology, which allows for a quick heat up time and optimal flavor potency.
  • Flavor: The Swift Pro flavor range goes unmatched, as it also produces cool, potent clouds.
  • Feel in Hand: It feels elegant in hand, with a soft outer shell to help maintain grip.

Flowermate Swift Pro Description

The Flowermate Swift Pro delivers the highest quality of flavor from whatever material you’re using. With its convection heating, expect nothing but the best. The SP is easy to use, quick to heat, and allows for a fantastic vaping experience.

Flowermate has developed a full convection vaporizer that preserves the taste of your dry herbs by sending heated air through an isolated heating path, eliminating the carcinogens found during combustion.

Great Flavor

You'd be hard pressed to find better flavor in another vaporizer. With each hit you’ll be completely transcended by the taste. For such a small device, the SP delivers extremely cool and full clouds, guaranteeing you’ll never be left unsatisfied.


The heat up time for the Swift Pro vaporizer is relatively quick, going from herb to vapor in just under 30 seconds. The Swift Pro will only heat your substances while you’re taking a hit, allowing you to conserve the limited battery life. The SP also offers full temperature control, allowing for even more of a custom experience.


There’s no other way to put it, other than the SP just feels great in hand. The device was made to be held, carried, and stored in the pocket. The outer shell helps with grip, and also doubles as insulation, protecting your vape even further.

Recommended for...

The Flowermate Swift Pro is the perfect vaporizer for anyone looking for an easy-to-use full convection vaporizer. 


    Since it is a convection vaporizer, the Swift Pro heats the air which passes through the dry herb in the chamber (rather than heating the dry herb directly like a conduction vaporizer). For best results use a very slow draw - we have found 20-50% of normal inhalation speed works best. 

    This allows the hot air to vaporize the dry herbs in the chamber.  If you have used conduction vaporizers in the past, this draw / inhale speed will feel very slow at first, but it makes a huge difference when using the Flowermate Swift Pro.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Great little vape

    Very nice vape, especially if you can get it on sale. Only iffy thing with this vape is, like everyone else says, battery indicator definitely needs some work. I charge mine after every use because you never really know how much battery is left, has always lasted good 15-20min session (power off then on when 4 min heat timer runs out)without dying in the middle. Draw is more restricted then some other vape and might feel like it's clogged when you first use it but when you get use to it you can get some very nice clouds on higher temps. I'll definitely be back here for my next vape.

    The amount of accessories and spare parts it comes with is insane.

    Pure Convection Flavour

    The pure convection nature of this unit means it will offer a much different experience than a hybrid heater or a conduction unit. Your visible vapour production will be much less but your flavour rewards will increase, sometimes dramatically depending on the herb. I find the unit is a bit underpowered and I usually sesh at max temperature. You must move a lot of air over the chamber contents to be rewarded so long, slow steady draws are best. Draw at about 50% of your normal draw volume and 10-15 seconds per draw. First few draws have increasing flavour until after about draw 4 when you see visible vapour. Not a cloud machine but a flavour chaser's special weapon, especially at the sale price. I have only used the quartz chamber sleeve and have yet to try the wood inserts. Battery level indicator seems faulty as it never gets over 60% even after overnight charge, which is kind of frustrating. It still has a place in the vape arsenal. I like to use it to fully explore Terp profiles on new strains.

    Great vape

    When I first received my vape, I was a bit disappointed. This is my second vape, but my first convection vape. It takes a bit of getting use to, but once you know how to properly use the vape, it works quite well. Heats up quickly and battery life is not fantastic, or perhaps more accurately, it doesnt give you a good indication of the true battery charge. I charge it after every use, but it's never gone dead in the middle of a session.. Bought it on sale, and as someone else suggested, the sale price makes it a good purchase.


    Service was awesome! Quick shipping. I had read reviews about the Swift and bought it anyways. Battery life is terrible!! The battery indicator never shows more then half full even tho fully charged. If I had paid full price for device I would have been very upset. Not much vapor production but I think that is normal for convection. Whole device feels very light. Not sure how durable it will be. Took ages to get rid of machine oil smell . But overall device is ok. All the pieces that come with it are a bonus! Vaped.ca is great to deal with! Have already ordered another device from them!! Kudos to them!!

    Very Good Product

    Very happy with the purchase. The product is very portable, sturdy built and easy to use. Fast shipping.

    The Best service

    Best service i never had, problem with my battery, and customer service replace it quikly.

    Happy customer

    Good price, works well, comes with lots of accessories. Very happy with the product and price.

    Great service

    Very happy with the product, quick delivery

    Close 2nd to CFV

    This vaporizer is about as close to a Boundless CFV (version 1) as you can get. It feels a little less solid than the CFV, and there's a bit more draw resistance than I like. I have both, and charge one while using the other. It certainly blows the Healthy Rips Fierce out of the water; I'm very happy with it. If you enjoy the flavor of your hits, you'll be happy with it, too.

    Good little device

    The learning curve for this device is much smaller than I would say for other 100% pure convection devices such as the MV1 which made my first few sessions much more productive I would say. It's also the cheapest decent quality full convection vape you can get as well for flower, so I certainly can't complain there. Cleaning it is a bit of a nuisance but it's easy enough if you do it often. Hits are to be expected from something with no conduction heating and the temperature range is more than you would need I would say. Taste is mostly unadulterated so I am happy there as well. Unfortunately it's not nearly as solidly built as something such as the Firefly 2+ but as long as you handle it gently it's just as good I would say. Battery life does completely blow and the battery display is always wrong no matter how long or short it's been charging. I would say I get about two sessions out of a full charge so just keep it charging all the time. If you are new to true convection Vapes (MV1, firefly) it's a good low price point starter to see if you would appreciate this type of flower vaping. It's very different from conduction Vapes and hybrids (think the mighty or pax3) as in you don't get as much "vapor" but you get much more flavor and absolutely no worries of combustion happening. I find the taste from true full convection vapes to be the closest in taste to combustion.


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