DynaVap Vong (2021) Vaporizer

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The Vong is one of DynaVap's high end flame powered vaporizer with variable airflow and a beautiful design.

DynaVap Vong Description

If you're looking for a high performing, flame powered vaporizer that fits in your pocket, The Vong should be your top choice. It delivers outstanding vapor and lets you connect directly to your 10mm or 14mm adapter.

No batteries necessary

While almost all vaporizers rely on an on-board or externally rechargeable battery in order to heat up and keep you vaping, the innovative DynaVap Vong introduces an element of surprise, convenience and serious nostalgia by relying on a butane/torch lighter or a conventional lighter flame in order to heat up the contents of its titanium chamber. This makes it ideal for outdoor situations like camping and hiking.

Heats up in seconds

Now, while a battery powered dry herb vape might require in excess of a minute for the element to heat up the chamber contents to temp, the DynaVap Vong vaporizer offers the efficiency of immediate flame to heat up your dry herb in seconds. All you have to do is twist the tip of your Vong in the lighter flame and an internal, mechanical heat indicator will generate a clicking sound when your chamber is hot enough for you to take a hit. You will also hear a second click, when that chamber cools to below temp, indicating that it’s time for you to apply that flame again.

Fits 10/14mm adapters

Another cool feature of the versatile DynaVap Vong dry herb vaporizer is its compatibility with 10/14mm adapters. This feature allows for quick and tool-less attachment to and use with your favorite water-pipe or other device.

Beautiful, simple design

One of the many benefits of the DynaVap Vong’s innovative, manual heating system is the fact that so much space is conserved within the dimensions of the device itself. What this means is that the Vong is officially one of the most compact and portable vapes that money can buy. It’s sleek and elegant chassis combines your choice of the highest quality materials in a dry herb vaporizer that literally looks like a pen in your pocket…and is almost as lightweight as a pen too!

Vong Specifications

Manufacturer DynaVap
Vaporizer Type Pen vaporizer
Heat Up Time Around 10 seconds
Compatibility Herbs
Heat Style Conduction
Warranty No warranty
Weight 0.7 oz
Powered By Butane torch
In The Box 1 x DynaVap Vong
1 x Recyclable Packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jose Sulla
Awesome service

What a little beast, I was so happy I went with Dynavap through Vaporizers Direct, I am so impressed with their quality control and service, to end up with an ACE vape is the icing on the cake.
Thanks again!!!

Great Service

Order was at my door within 24 hours of ordering!! Service from vaped.ca was amazing. The vong meets expectations and is a great product. A bit of a learning curve as I came from the world of electric vapes, but its working amazing now. It will pay for itself after the first oz it saves so much flower.

Unfortunately the bonus grinder fell apart first use, which was disappointing .

Nice upgrade from the 2021M

I was curious if the Vong would deliver a different experience from the M I’ve had for nearly a year. Vaped sent one out to me with rapid delivery to answer that question. Without a doubt the Vong does provide a better experience such that I don’t know if I’ll go back to the M. The titanium build makes a difference in heat up and cool down time. In hand it feels more substantially than the M. The rotatable stem to vary the airport opening is another nice touch. I like the aesthetic of the wood sleeve although it would be nice if the stem came apart like the newer 2022 Vong. My only gripe is that it came in a slim stash case instead of the deluxe case (with the magnet) which came with my M kit. Overall, I highly recommend the Vong to anyone curious about the Dynavap experience. Next will be to try this with a bubbler. Vaped had a good price on these and contributed to an overall satisfying buying experience.

Really good

Absolutely awesome
Best Buy 💯

Doctor Jeff

This is perfect. The product is top notch quality and the experience is amazing. Never going back to traditional methods of consumption again!

Alwyn Owen

Just what I wanted.... Sick of these shit battery operated ones that don't hit right 👌

Best dynavap ever!

Absolutely love my purchase of the Omnivong. Was at a bargain of a price too but after using it I realized it's easily worth the full price! The nice wood finish is sleek and the 14mm male adapter is just too convenient. Thank you Vaporizers Direct.


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