Boundless CFX Vaporizer

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The Boundless CFX is a solid portable vaporizer that comes in at a reasonable price point. While on the bigger-end of portables, it has a lot of features you'd expect to see in a more expensive unit. It’s tough to beat the value you get with the CFX right now with the vapor it can produce. Check out the Boundless CF if you're looking for something a little smaller with a similar build.


Boundless CFX vaporizer

Great Value For Money

The Boundless CFX vaporizer tips the scales when it comes to vapor production, flavor and performance, packing in features we’d expect to see on a far pricier product but at a fraction of the cost. With a solid 80W power delivery and a mere 20 seconds to full temp control and one of the classier LCDs we’ve seen.

It's priced reasonably which is great for anyone who is a first time vaporizer user! Other vaporizers come in a 2x the cost of the CFX. You’ll be getting great value for your money.

Boundless CFX vaporizer in hand

Conduction/Convection Heating

Reviewers and consumers agree that this handy beast scores large when it comes to vapor delivery. With better vapor production than its smaller brother, the pocket sized boundless CF, you can expect to see big clouds of vapor with the slightly bigger version of the Boundless vaporizer.

The mix of conduction/convection heating delivers vapor that is usually nice and cool. Convection heating is generally reserved for more expensive vaporizers but Boundless uses it partially to heat up the herb. It's a treat to use!

Boundless CFX screen

Beautiful LCD display

Here’s a feature that you wouldn’t expect to see on such an affordable dry herb vape. The Boundless CFX boasts one of the flashier screens around, complete with a perfectly intuitive UI and a slick looking speedometer layout. The 1.7” LCD panel fits in all the necessary readings with space to spare and the pictorial layout might even get you excited about fine tuning your settings for a change.

With the screen and simple button control the CFX is easy to use. Just click the side button a few times to turn it on, then pick your preferred temperature.

Boundless CFX bowl

Biggest Bowl In The Biz

Speaking of big, the Boundless CFX caters to extended home-use sessions (although it is portable) and the chamber will happily accommodate group sessions around the coffee table with a whole 1g in the bowl. You can pass it around for a while. That has to be the biggest bowl of any portable vaporizer currently available.

It also takes kindly to half packed sessions though, so you don't need to worry about blowing through all your herb at once. Choose your own adventure!

Boundless CFX vaporizer charging

Decent Battery Life

The Boundless CFX has a good enough battery to keep you going for a while. It lasts about 90 minutes of use on the lowest temperature settings, which is good enough for 6-10 sessions depending on temp. That's good enough to have a long day of vaporizing without worrying about a charge.

It also features both USB and AC adapters, which is very useful. The USB is slower but more convenient if you're on a trip. The AC plugs right in to the wall and charges fast.

Boundless CFX Specifications

Manufacturer Boundless
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 20 seconds
Battery Life 90 minutes
Heat Style Conduction/convection
Warranty 3 years w/ Boundless (90 days on battery)
Temperature 100° F - 430° F
Dimensions 5 in x 2.75 in x 1.25 in
Weight 7.5 oz
Powered By Battery
In The Box 1 x Boundless CFX Vaporizer
1 x DC Charger
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Cable
1 x Concentrate Pod
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Packing Tool

Customer Reviews

Based on 207 reviews
Fred B
Best Vaporizer. Definitely recommend it.

Well-built unit. It's slightly bigger than expected, but its the best vaporizer I've used to date for personal use. I've probably bought a dozen different cheap(er) vaporizers in the past from amazon, but this beats them all by a mile. It's not discrete in size, but the lcd screen gives it the appearance of a portable radio or voice recorder.

Highly recommend.

David Mordecai Jr
Best affordable and beautiful device. Better than advertised. My #1 device for flower

The fastest delivery ever and I'm not even a prime member . Love it 😀

Dane Riley

It shipped incredibly fast which was awesome.

I've wanted this unit for years but now that I have it, I feel anxious trying to get a good pull.
I wish it were fan assisted for the pull.

Maybe I just don't like portable vapes.

Noel Graham
Great product

I am very happy with this vaporiser. Excellent product and will recommend to others.

Harry J.

This is my second unit very pleased with it took me a while to find the right one tried a few of my friends have different ones by far this is best one my suggestion get extra mouthpieces and screens that way you always have a clean mouthpiece 420

Joshua Cordell
Boundless with almost no boundaries.

Take advantage of the screen with temp display.
It's awesome.
Find an appropriate heat setting to initially heat your product then drop the temp for a smooth experience.
This device CAN burn through quite a bit of product, so it's important to utilize temp settings.

I love it.
Only downside is frequent cleaning but it's super quick.
The chamber is sort of an anomaly in terms of how to clean it, but if you know how, let me know.

Peter K
Great product for a great price.

Love this- super easy to use, feels good to hold - yes Ive had better ones but for double the price, super easy to clean and the digital screen is a massive plus. charges fast too and lasts.


I find the boundless CFX a good unit. It is easy to use and I use it a lot.
I am terrible at cleaning my unit as there is rarely time enough between uses to do a proper strip down etc. The mouth piece can develop a lot of oil build up and isn't easy to get to, to clean out. I use an old nail file I also find a bit of Glitz goo and stain remover breaks down the oil build up in the mouth piece quite quickly without doing any noticeable damage so far and then rinses off easily in water. The chamber is a good size and easily accessible It charges quickly and lasts a good 5-6 chambers full we usually run ours through twice to get the full extraction, so You could probably say 10 - 12 cycles @ full power.
Considering the use and abuse mine gets and lack of cleaning I get about 12 months before I start to get any issues. I'm on my 4th and haven't seen anything that would match it for vfm and durability.
I highly recommend.

Susan Davis
Excellent vape

This vape is very sturdy and reliable. It heats quickly and draws well. The shipping was quick and customer service is top notch. The complimentary grinder is my new favorite. I’ll be back for future needs.

Max Blustein
Buying a New CFX as Replacement

Vaped provided good shipping service and I got my CFX soon.
It's a great product I've used for 2 years. It gives good vapor. I prefer to pre-heat my unit for 200 seconds before I put in herbs. It burns more efficiently.
Will probably get another as a gift.


Ask a Question
  • Is the Boundless CFX a portable or home vaporizer?

    That’s an interesting question…the answer is, it’s both. While the CFX is slightly larger than the extremely portable Boundless CF, we’ve seen a lot of pockets which would accommodate this dry herb and oil vape quite happily, in spite of the fact that the boundless CFX can vape up to a whole gram of bud in one session (almost unheard of for a portable vape). So, the Boundless CFX ticks all the boxes for a convenient, portable device and doesn’t groan when you only want to add 0.3 g for a smaller, personal session but it doubles as a coffee table staple for group sessions, with a chamber that takes up to a whole gram of herbs!