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Over the past couple years, the Arizer Solo 2 has been the vaporizer we've recommended most in Canada and for good reason. The Arizer Solo 2 is the successor to the popular original Arizer Solo. The first Solo set the standard for portable vaporizers, providing unprecedented vapor quality in a robust housing. The Solo II maintains that heavy duty feel but is equipped with an OLED screen, incredible battery life and updated aesthetics.


Arizer solo 2 Canada

Outstanding Vapor

Arizer vaporizers have figured out a conduction/convection mix heating system with the Solo 2 that works very well. You will consistently pull big clouds from your herb. While other conduction vaporizers have lackluster flavour, that's not the case here. The vapor is tasty and comes out cool.

The Solo 2 also has a vastly improved heat-up time over the original. Thanks to a more powerful heater, the Solo 2 reaches a temperature of 200° C in about 40 seconds, which is quick!

Arizer solo 2 display

Intuitive OLED Display

While other portable vaporizers make you download an app to have complete control, Arizer vaporizer gives you everything you need right on the unit itself... which is the way it should be. It's intuitive and easy to use. Just hold down the home and up button for 6 seconds and you're off to the races.

The OLED screen will let you know the current and set temperature as well as the battery life. The display allows you to adjust the volume of the beeps (or turn it off), brightness and Celsius/Fahrenheit settings.

Arizer solo 2 charging battery

Best In Class Battery

Battery life is where the Solo 2 really excels. The battery lasts a whopping 3 hours of use, or about 20 sessions. If you've owned a vaporizer before you know how important battery life is. It's a huge nuisance to have to wait for your vaporizer to charge right as you're ready to vape.

Not only is the battery life great, but the Solo 2 also has pass-through charging. Even if the battery is down to zero, you only have to wait for it to charge a few minutes before you can use it while it's plugged in.

Arizer solo 2 in hand

Nice Form For At-Home Use

While very similar to the design of the original Solo, the new Solo has an oval shape, making it easier to hold in the hand. The top of the unit is made out of brushed stainless steel, giving it a very sleek appearance. The top now also seals with a rubber cap (when the mouthpiece is removed), similar to the Arizer Air.

It feels right in your hand and is very comfortable to hang out with. The Solo 2 also stays quite cool to the touch, which means you can use it for long sessions at a time.

Arizer solo 2 glass stem

All Glass Vapor Path

The glass stems / aroma tubes / mouthpieces on the Solo 2 have remained virtually the same as on the original (which is a good thing). The Solo 2 comes with two different sized stems included. These stems hold about .2 grams of herb.

We have to say that the glass stem system of the Solo and Air vaporizers are genius. It ensures that the vapor comes out tasting great. The glass stems are also easy to clean, just soak them in isopropyl alcohol for a bit and rinse them off!

Arizer Solo 2 Specifications

Manufacturer Arizer
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 20 seconds
Compatibility Herbs 🌿
Heat Style Conduction + convection
Warranty 2 years w/ Arizer
Temperature 122°F-428°F
Dimensions 4.5 in x 1.75 in x 1.19 in
Weight 7.4 oz
Powered By Battery
In The Box 1 x Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer (Canada)
1 x Short Straight Glass Stem
1 x Long Straight Glass stem
1 x Potpourri Glass Bowl
2 x Stem Caps
1 x Stir Tool
1 x AC battery charger
1 x Optional Mesh Screen Pack
1 x Instructions / Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 1070 reviews
First Vape - Would Definitely Recommend

This is my first dry herb vaporizer and, so far, it's simply amazing. Easy to use and super easy to clean! Great service too. Product arrived as described. Did lots of research and this product didn't disappoint. It's true that it is not as portable as some other options but I have loaded up the stems and taken it out so it's portable enough for my needs.

Jacob Sample
Great upgrade

It is much easier to use and clean. It truly gets you bud to the right temp and doesn't burn. The menu is simple and easy to navigate. The only downside is the portability as the carrying case for it doesn't fit the stems once the heater device is in it. Would highly recommend.


Tremendous value. Excellent vaporizer. Good battery life. Very satisfied

Amazing product

Fast delivery, reliable quality product

Arizer solo 2

Im very happy with my choice, i chose the arizer over the mighty due to its low maintenance. The shipping was 5 days to my door which i thought was excellent living in rural NSW.

Linda Cheek
Great Vape

Very easy setup and very easy to use. This is a wonderful product! Would highly recommend it.

Best vaporizer on the market

I gave up smoking cannabis 10 years ago and switched to vaporizers. For me, vaporizers eliminate the smokers hack and allow me the true clean taste of the cannabis I am vaping.

I remember starting with Arizer's table top model, the Extreme Q.
While it was very effective, I did not like the fact that much of my vape was collecting along the sides of the long whips used for the same. Further, it wasn't easily portable so I next tried various hand held vaporizers, but was sorely disappointed. That is until I tried the Arizer Solo. While very pleased with the Solo, it did not, and does not, hold enough of a charge for me. As such, I also tried and use the Air models as they have a replaceable battery. After trying these two handheld units I was very impressed and completely hooked on the Arizer brand. When the Solo II and Air II came out I jumped and purchased both ASAP. As I expected, I wasn't disappointed. They both heat up fast and still give plums of tasty vapor. While Arizer no longer makes the original Air or Air II, it's replacement, the Air Max, will not disappoint. In a head to head competition between the Solo II and Air Max, however, I still prefer the Solo II by a slim margin as it still has more power. The advantage of the Air models over the Solo models, however, has always been the replaceable batteries. If you're on the go, the replaceable battery is quite an advantage.

While I love the Arizer brand, their are two models I would not recommend -- the table tops and Argo. As stated above, due to its length the table top whips accumulate too much of your vape along the sides of the same. As for the Argo, I was deeply disappointed in this unit and find it to be too weak to be a useful vaporizer. In my opinion this unit was a complete waste of money.

Bunny P
Everything you could want

I’ve been a daily smoker since my teens, and I have always gone back to urban smoking as my primary methodology. Oils, edibles, nothing seems to achieve the same level as dry herb smoking. Glass bowls and the Da Buddha vaporizer when at home I have been my go to, but I haven’t been able to find a dry herb vaporizer that was portable, relatively discreet, and also packed a punch with each hit. In comes the solo II. It’s easy to reload, easy to clean, heats up in less than 30 seconds, and has battery life that literally seems to last all day! Not to mention that the inhale through the glass pipe is smoother than any glass bowl could ever achieve and it completely and evenly heats all of the dry herb in the chamber, nothing is wasted. Whoever designed this is a genius!

It arrived Late but it works Great.

At this price and all of its features, this is one seems like it will be my choice of the others I own.

Don’t look any further

Great vaporiser, great vapour quality, cleaning is super easy, battery charge lasts long and heats up really fast.


Ask a Question
  • Hey! I’m trying to decide between picking the Mighty, Crafty, Davinci IQ and the Solo II. From what I’ve been reading the Mighty and the Crafty have had some technical problems recently… is that still happening? I’m looking for the vaporizer that will last the longest. It’s a lot of money to invest but I’m ready to do it for the right one. I’ve been reading that the Arizer Solo II is built really well. Do you think I’d be making the right decision with this one?

    I think the Solo 2 is definitely one of the best vaporizers out right now. It really depends on portability though! The glass mouthpiece makes it pretty clunky to bring around anywhere. If you just want to use it at home then it’s probably the best choice right now! Storz & Bickel does seem to have fixed up any issues with the Mighty and Crafty though so don’t worry about that.

  • How do you clean the Solo 2?

    First thing's first: make sure you empty the stem after each use. Don't keep herb in the stem because it will clog up the oven. If you empty it every time you'll be able to keep your Solo 2 in top shape for longer. Your stems will get dirty regardless of how many times you empty them though. When they gunk up just leave them in isopropyl alcohol (91%+ ISO) for 1-2 hours. Rinse them off afterwards and they should be good as new. After long term use the oven will get dirty. To clean it simply dab a bit of isopropyl alcohol on to a cotton swab and get the gunk out of there. Leave it to dry for a few hours and then you can do a burn off (turning it on high until it auto shuts off) to get rid of any remaining taste.

  • How does it work?

    Choose your mouthpiece (you can pick from the short or long stems) and pack the bottom of it with your favourite herb. Pop open the plastic top of the Arizer Solo 2 to find the chamber, and insert the glass mouthpiece. Hold the center and top button of the control panel at the same time until the display comes on. Choose your preferred temperature with the up and down arrows. It'll be ready to use in 20 seconds or less!