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While every other manufacturer has pretty much moved towards battery power, DynaVap has gone in the opposite direction. They created the VapCap M which is a small, pen vaporizer, that is heated by a lighter or butane torch. Their design is impressive and they've delivered a great vaporizer at a low price.


Dynavap Vapcap M

Notable Improvements

While still made super tough with medical grade stainless steal, the 2021 DynaVap Vapcap M is improved over its previous versions. It still features the 'Captive Cap' adds indentations to the cap which makes it far less likely to fall off during use. New chiral airports mean that you get smoother vapor than with any other version. The adjust-a-bowl means you can easily microdose if that's what you're after.

The Vapcap still delivers the same tasty vapor, just with a few small improvements that add up to a fantastic product.

Dynavap Vapcap M in hand

Small... Real Small

In fact, the Vapcap M is the smallest vaporizer that we currently carry in stock. It measures only 92mm (3.6 inches) in length, which means you can easily throw it in your pocket. Since it's virtually indestructable you don't have to worry about it rattling around. This makes it great for any outdoors-y types.

Many people ask us for herbal vaporizer pens and we can't really recommend any other than the Vapcap M. It's the only vaporizer this size that's perfect for beginners or advanced users.

Dynavap Vapcap M with Butane Lighter

No Power, No Problem

In order to use the Vapcap M, all you need to do is heat it up for 5-6 seconds with a torch/butane lighter. Just wait for the 'click' and you're ready to go. Once it's up to temperature you should get some nice vapor from your dry material.

You never have to worry about your vaporizer not being charged, or waiting for it to power up. Even if you have a battery-powered vaporizer it's nice to have another one, like the DynaVap Vapcap M, in case of emergencies like that.

DynaVap Vapcap M Specifications

Manufacturer DynaVap
Vaporizer Type Pen vaporizer
Heat Up Time Around 10 seconds
Compatibility Dry herb 🌿
Heat Style Conduction
Warranty No warranty
Weight 0.67 oz
Powered By Butane torch or Apollo 2 Induction Heater
Box Includes 1 x DynaVap VapCap M
1 x 100% Recyclable Packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Dynavap M 2020

Happy with my Dynavap M purchase, it got delivered on time. I've used it a few times and enjoy the fact that I don't smell harsh smoke anymore. A solid little piece of gear, just have to master using the vap cap and listening for the clicks and making sure it cools down before reheating! All in all so far a good purchase, good that the screen can be adjusted to alter the amount of product used.

First time user

Just started using hemp flowers for pain relief. This vape is awesome. I did not want to combust the hemp and this was the perfect alternative. So far it's been great.

Exceeded my expectations

Wasnt sure what to expect coming from rolling and smoking joints. I am just really impressed with the versatility, flavor, and smoothness. Already purchased a bong that adapts to the M 2020 and it works great. For someone who coughs alot when smoking, do to asthma, i love how smooth it is and doesn't irritate my throat.

M 2020

Been 2 weeks since started using the vape. So far it's been positive. Super impressed with the flavour I get from the first hit.
Could improve customer support by having some videos online explaining how the vape works. Other than that it's been great!

Dynavap M 2020

Easy to use. Smoking from a bong or pipe tastes disgusting now, after using this little jewel. No problems blowing clouds and the cough is minimal I use a creme brûlée torch. Sometimes I will sand which a little wax in-between the flower in the bowl, for a really intense draw, but ordered a coil for the real thing. Big plus that parts are interchangeable with other models for upgrading.

Dynavap 2020 m

This thing pops! Single torch flame, 1 inch below the cap, FAT clouds everytime plus customer service is on point if ever needed.


FLAVOR! If you want to taste your flower, this is for you. First hit from a freshly loaded unit makes me say WOW every time!
Tired of coughing? This is for you. Had a long time cannabis smoker try this, who normally coughs up a lung, and they loved it.
Trying to discreetly dose? This is for you. I would consider this to be a low odor method when still wanting to use traditional, natural flower. Compared to smoking.
Are you broke but wanna medicate?
This is for you. I've used the Dynavap and the same .02 gram of flower 3 times in a day and the morning of the next day. Mind you not stoned, but high. I feel this will make a little go a long way.
Not into marijuana? Hemp works great too! If you want a real CBD buzz, this will do it for ya.

This vape is great

The vape is great! Shipping was quick! Contacted them and got a fast reply! Definitely recommend purchasing.


I am very satisfied with this product; I have been searching for a delivery system like the DynaVap M and replacement parts for a long time. It delivers awesome flavour, quality high, limited odour, nice vape cloud, and very discreet. Shipping was prompt and ahead of schedule. I will be a repeat customer.


Delivered quickly, works great!


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