Firefly 2+ Vaporizer

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The Firefly 2+ is an innovative portable vaporizer with a stunning, intuitive design. It has on-demand convection heating which delivers huge clouds and tasty vapor. The latest update gives you 33% more airflow and much faster charging. It's impressive what Firefly has done in such a small package.


Firefly 2+ vaporizer

Easy To Use And Clean

With its minimal design of only two buttons, the Firefly 2+ is simple to use. Just press down on the side buttons and take a long deep draw from the mouthpiece. It's simple to change the temperature with or without an app (if you have an Android phone).

Also, one of the big benefits of the Firefly 2+ is that cleaning takes less than 60 seconds. All you have to do is sweep out the bowl after every session, and wipe it down with an alcohol swab every couple sessions. You don't need to learn how to pull apart the vaporizer, it's intuitive.

Firefly 2+ in hand

Incredible, Tasty Vapor

While the Firefly range’s convection heating has always made it a winner in the flavor and vapor quality department, the Firefly 2+ goes a step further than its predecessors. They've increased the airflow by 33% which makes it very smooth to draw from.

The Firefly 2+ also utilizes what they like to call "dynamic convection". As you inhale the temperature is increased up to your max. This makes for vapor that is noticeably more flavorful than other vaporizers. The vapor also comes out nice and cool, with no harshness.

Firefly 2+ heating up

Instant On Demand Heating

The Firefly 2+ is making waves as a vaporizer that allows you to micro-dose. That’s largely thanks to its innovative ‘on-demand’ vaping technology which heats up the dry herb in the chamber near instantly, so you can enjoy small sessions on the go (without having to vape a whole bowl).

This can only be achieved through convection-style vaporizers, since conduction cooks the entire bowl in one go. This is a big step up in vaporizing technology and allows you to vape smaller amounts at once.

Firefly 2+ charging

Fast Charging Batteries

The Firefly 2+ features a 770 mAh on-board battery which will get you through up to 70 decent draws on one charge, thanks to upgraded firmware which preserves battery life over previous models in the range.

What makes this dry herb vaping setup even more awesome is how fast that the Firefly 2+ charges up to 80% charge from 0% within the first 20 minutes, then filling the remainder up in just under 45 minutes. That’s some serious charging convenience out of this ergonomic and portable vaporizer.

Firefly 2+ Specifications

Manufacturer Firefly
Vaporizer Type Handheld portable
Heat Up Time 3 seconds
Battery Life 6-8 bowls with dry herb
Heat Style Dynamic convection
Warranty 2 years w/ Firefly
Temperature 340° F - 500° F
Dimensions 5.1 in x 1.4 in x 0.9 in
Weight 4.9 oz
Powered By Battery
Box Includes 1 x Firefly 2+ Vaporizer
1 x Rechargeable Battery
1 x Charging Dock
1 x USB 3.0 Cable
3 x Alcohol Wipe
1 x Concentrate Pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 182 reviews
Mike K.
Review of firefly

Before I purchased your product I did an extensive search/review. I have to say that FF+2 showed up as one of the most desirable of devices. Based on my research I purchased your device. Having said all of the aforementioned, I have yet to use it. …..because,
I am a “new” grower”. My seeds are just established. The FF+2 is in preparation of a successful harvest.
May the smoke be with you.
M. Krys

firefly 2+

This vaporizer is working out well for what was needed: gently vaping home grown and ground herb in short sessions. We have been able to learn fairly quickly to use the device as a medicine delivery system that is controllable and gentle on the body.

Steve Gedrose
Firefly 2+

As I live in a northern territory it took more than 2 weeks to arrive. When it did it was in perfect shape with excellent packaging.The Firefly2 seems well designed and well built. I am at a loss to know what temperature the device is running at without an app for my i-Phone. I realize that this exclusion was an Apple initiative, but it's annoying nonetheless. I hope that this can be resolved in the future.


Ya I love the arrived the next day.. been using it everyday since..

David Jackson
Firefly 2 +

Ordered a firefly 2+ vaporizer. No issues. Received in 2 days from order. Everything was as advertised, absolutely no issues.

Alma Lekic
Firefly 2.0+

This is my first vape, and it took a bit to get used it. It’s a sleek and smooth design. Delivery was super fast. It burns through the herb faster then I expected but I think it’s just about getting use to it. You do need to mix the bowl half way. I have not used concentrate in it yet but this was one of the reasons I went with this one in particular. Also, bc of the microdosing options. I’m happy with it. The temperature controls are tricky and have not been able to figure that out yet. It’s too bad Apple does not allow the app.

Timothy Tripp

Yes perfect! Shipping was fast too ! 👌

Great on demand vape

I wanted something that I could just pack and come back to in an hour or a couple of days, without wasting herb.

Didn't disappoint. Easy use and virtually no heat up time. Plenty of smoke production. Perfect for me


Pleasantly surprised with this vape. Not very impressed with the proprietary charger, if they're to be the mac of vapes, at least go usb-c, thank you!
The fact that you have to use the app is a little annoying but it takes a few tries to find the temperature you like and just leave it there. Definitely a vape to leave at home charging because that battery only lasts about 5 hits and it's done for. I followed the advice of doing like a 10 min slow inhale and it works really well. Super clean hit, just need water to rehydrate my palette.


Super pleased with this vape. First ever but checked out others first. Not super portable but that's not an issue for me.
Would recommend for sure.


Ask a Question
  • What is the Firefly 2 + made of?

    The Firefly 2 Plus vaporizer features a stainless steel chamber and silicon mouthpiece. The chassis is made of high grade magnesium alloy, such as that employed by NASA in the building of their space ships and vehicles. This durable frame is available with numerous decorative finishes, there are various scratch resistant paint finishes as well as gorgeous wood finishes to choose from. So, no matter you style, there should be Firefly 2 + that’ll suit it (and you) perfectly.