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The original desktop vaporizer The Volcano Classic is Storz & Bickel's flagship product that is well known on the market. Despite being 20 + years old, it's known as the best vaporizer on the market.


Volcano Classic Industry Standard

Industry Standard for 20 Years

Since the very first design iteration assembled in the basement of Markus Storz back in 1996, the vision was to produce vaporizers for medical purposes & that goal set a standard that's echoed throughout all their products. Since its release back in 2000, it served a niche market that has quickly grown among connoisseurs in a 20 year period.

This revolutionary device set the tone for all herb desktop vaporizers in the current market. It now consistently leads the competition with its top-tier vapor production that makes Volcano vaporizers the industry standard. 

Volcano Classic built well

Built Impeccably Well 

German engineered, the Volcano Classic is known for its durability, its robust design as well as its longevity making it a status symbol among users. The high caliber of products Storz & Bickel produce is well known, many customers worldwide still have Volcano Classic desktop units that are 15+ years old that are still used daily.

The iconic analog temperature control knob is user-friendly and provides the best convection heating experience regardless of prior experience. Its long working life is a by-product of the craftsmanship and the high-quality materials put into this design.

Volcano classic balloon

Classic Balloon Attachment 

Great for solo and social settings, the Volcano Classic desktop unit is equipped with its world-famous balloon valve system that ensures that zero vapor wastage. These balloons are able to hold vapor for up to 8 hours per use, making them perfect for keeping on hand for long periods of time if it calls for it.

These balloons not only pack a punch but the simple and efficient design has easily inspired other manufactures that share space in the vaporizer market to create variants, whilst still proving superior.

Volcano classic Temperature

Analog Temperature Knob

With its simple analog design, the Volcano Classic provides temperature ranges that can be controlled from 266° F - 446° F. The unit does not display the actual temperature on the unit, but numbers listed from 1-9 that correspond with the actual temperature make this easy to navigate. 

The 100 Watt heating source takes the unit 3 minutes to reach the desired temperature, but that pure convection heating ensures a consistent source that extracts all the essential vapors making it nearly impossible to combust the material.

Volcano Classic vs Hybrid

Volcano Classic VS Hybrid

20 years after its launch and massive success in comparison, The Volcano Classic - a staple in vaporizer culture has a very easy to use analog knob system that “anyone” can navigate whereas the Volcano Hybrid has a digital display that shows the precise temperature as well as the fan speed.

Units both include a balloon easy valve system that is simple to use but the Volcano Hybrid has a silicon whip system that heightens the experience. Additionally, the hybrid has a faster heat-up time but both desktop units provide the same consistent industry-standard heat exchange.

Volcano Classic Specifications

Manufacturer Storz & Bickel 
Vaporizer Type Desktop portable
Heat Up Time 3 Minutes
Compatibility Herbs 
Heat Style Convection 
Warranty 3 years w/ Storz & Bickel
Temperature Max 446°F
Dimensions 7.9in x 7.1n x 7.9in
Weight 108.2 Oz.
Powered By Wall plug
In The Box 1 x Volcano Vaporizer 
4 x Easy Valve Balloon With Mouthpiece
1 x Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter
1 x Filling Chamber
1 x Herb Mill
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Air Filter Set
1 x Normal Screen Set 
1 x Instruction Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
John Isoldi
Vaping med cannabis

I've found it's good for medical cannabis and it does what it's supposed to do what more can I say..very easy to use-im still trying different strains to see what works best for me but all good so far..so Enjoy your vape.#£also reasonably priced compared to shops.

Ken Sivi
Astonishing & Amazing

Being a long time 15+ years bong smoker. i was very hesitant in trying out this new way of smoking, i've read alot of reviews and people take on the vape and what really held me back was people saying that you can't reach the ceiling with vaping as you have to burn the weed to combustion level to be head smacked. But after 15 years of spending 30 mins each session in the shed, i was getting fed up and finding it as a chore, especially in the cold nights. THIS unit blew me away, i've never tasted such flavours ever!, just hints of the scent and nearly every weed has just been just weed to me. Now i can't wait to retry all the strains again, all the missed out flavours i truely never really got to enjoy, i leave my setting on 8-9 each time and after 2 bowls full, i've actually touched the roof which i didn't think i'll hit like i would the bong. Now i have my handy unit placed nicely in the garage and instead of spending half my night outside in the cold, i can get to start my movies while i'm vaping at the same time. what a life changer.

Very Happy Customer

Good price and very fast shipping.

Ruth M
Extremely pleased with service and product

Also included a beautiful grinder , so nice! Have been wanting to switch to vapour for a while , this was the best price and super fast service.


Price was very competitive, unit was in stock and shipped quickly. Full points !

Fantastic product

Absolutely love the volcano, super easy to use, great high and everyone else has loved it aswell.

Brendan Franklin
Lovely Vape, lovely service

Really happy with the volcano, first vape I've owned after smoking for years. Easy to use, sturdy. Great high.

Great value

Very happy with purchase. Works amazingly well for my herbs. Highly recommend

Carolyn Flute
A cleaner method... no more filthy tar and ash! Lungs are grateful.

Variability in operation of the heating element often causes reheating during a balloon infill. Annoying flaw at this price ($500). May not occur with costly Hybrid version. Simple to use with Easy Valve set. My machine is likely to be left on for 18-24 hrs pd and I chose the Classic in the belief that it may survive for a decade.

Cody Nelson
Onyx Volcano

So as far as the volcano works a quality it is very good and it’s smooth and shipping was great and it came undamaged. I still prefer blunts but this is nice when I’m lazy lol


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